Clean Duplicate and exclamation points in iTunes Library

Any duplication, question marks in your iTunes library? You do not know where to start? When you have an iTunes library over the past few years, some disorder is beginning to accumulate, especially when you have music that comes from various sources – Import CD, download via iTunes or via and / or sites of the artists themselves, free downloads are all factors which could throw into disorder your iTunes library. iTunes itself is relatively small and merely propose the display of duplicate items, identifying identical files, only based on the song title and artist. If you have a song that includes remixes, live, studio or other, it is iTunes probably mixed and identifies them as duplicates. This function is not very practical unless you have a preference for consulting a long list of songs with the aim of identifying true duplicates. For these and other functions such as to find the lost song in iTunes – those marked with a question mark, for example, or the correction of information related to the songs or covers, here are some suggestions:


Among users of iTunes for Mac the most tech-savvy, Doug Adams is one of the best known especially for its guides to Apple Scripts for iTunes. Application Dupin (costs $15) proposed by Doug Adams allows to identify and delete duplicate iTunes. Dupin filters the iTunes library using many criteria such as Name, Artists, Album, Length, Size, Track Number, Disc Number, Rate, Resolution and Gender. Once it has located the duplicate iTunes, it offers a range of options to remove duplicate or keep – such as which track is most often played, which has better resolution or what is that was imported last. Unlike iTunes, Dupin can search the playlists individually or in the whole iTunes library.

Sergeant Song

The application of Sergeant Song LairWare not only identify duplicates iTunes but also identify the tracks that have incongruous or incomplete artists or album names. Those songs which are still in the folder of the iTunes library but no longer identified and you are thinking what can happen when you delete the track from iTunes and you can not eliminate properly. Song Sergeant uses fewer search criteria than Dupin, but these are sufficient to remove the vast majority of these duplicated in iTunes.


TuneUp costs $30. Developed by TuneUp Media is an iTunes utility which is completely different. It does not look duplication and / or tracks missing or orphan but it tries to perform a cleaning, recovering the tags and album art in each of them. To begin, click on the icon “Analyze” and search the TuneUp iTunes library and it will provide an idea of its condition: correct artist or not, name and track number, album etc. To begin cleaning the library, select “Clean” and click and drag up to 500 songs in both the TuneUp tab opened by the side of iTunes window. TuneUp connects to the server and start scanning the Metadata of the music.

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