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Thinking about buying a new Television Set, but cannot make up your mind upon which television screen to buy?  Then, you are absolutely at the right place. This article will not only clear up your mystification but will also help you out in finding the right TV for you. There was once a time, when we were just only concerned about the size of the television screen and the area where it was going to be placed. But today, with the incessant improvement in technology, people’s considerations have changed. A size of the TV screen doesn’t matter anymore.  It’s all about the technology that is been used in the television screen. Currently, there are two best TV choices out there for you which come equipped with latest TV technologies. They are LCD and LED TVs that has shoddily beaten the older CRTs ones. So, read on further for a simplified comparison between these two technologies so that you can make a right choice in your journey of shopping for a perfect TV.

LCT TVslcd tv

As name suggests, LCD TVs are television sets that make use of Liquid Crystal Display technology to produce images. This technology works with liquid crystal solution being placed between two polarized glasses. An electric current is applied to this liquid crystal due to which the crystal rotates which further changes the polarization of the light that passes through them. The LCD panel does not produce light by itself. It simply filters its back light in order to create an image on the screen.


  • It uses energy efficient technology.
  • It’s light and thin that are available in different sizes.
  • LCD TVs are largely produced and are easily available.


It has lower contrast ratio that provides lesser amount of detail in darker areas of the picture.


LED TVs basically falls under the LCD TV family that also comes with LCD screen.  But, there’s one main difference between the two. Both are equipped LED-TVwith different back-lighting techniques changing the picture quality features dramatically.

Where the LCD TVs use some kind of fluorescent lighting, LED TVs use Light Emitting Diodes for lighting the LCD panel. As there are different types of fluorescent lights in LCD TVs, there are also different types of LED back-lighting on LED TVs. Infact, many of the LED TVs have LED lights panel placed behind the LCD panel. These LEDs are tri-colored that are controlled in banks to create an effect named “local dimming”. This feature allows the darker areas of the picture to have the back-lighting dimmed at the rear of them to create superior contrast and control the black levels, making the picture look bright and vivid.


  • It’s thin and light that are available in varying sizes.
  • It has higher contrast ratio that provides good detail in darker areas of the picture.
  • Tri-colored LEDs helps to create more realistic colors on screen.


  • It’s expensive.
  • The ‘Local-dimming’ LED TVs consumes more energy than LCD TVs.

The above mentioned points are just a brief comparison between the two technologies for those who doesn’t have much knowledge about these technologies but want some basic idea to make the right decision when buying a new TV. If we talk about the price, the LCD TVs price in India and LED TVs price in India varies from brand to brand and the size you choose. You can browse for the LCD TV and LED TV on the same webpage, that is, to shop for your new Television from the ease of your home. The site offers different brands of LCD TVs and LED TVs like Samsung LCD TV, Samsung LED TV, Videocon LCD and LED TV, Panasonic and many more. The site also provides good discounts and various other benefits on almost all the products it deals with. Hence, shopping from is a good option rather than going to the real retail shops.

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