Control your Android Phone by PC

If you are working on your PC and your Android Smartphone is kept somewhere else or your Smartphone is getting charged and you least bother to pick up the phone to see the alerts by leaving your work, then this application is perfectly made for you.

You can control your Android device by your PC using this application. All you have to do is download Airdroid application from Android Market and install it on your Smartphone.

I will show you some screenshots with description making you more comfortable with Airdroid.

  • Go to Android market, download and install Airdoid. After completing installation open the application. You will see one URL and password, note these down.


  • Open Web browser on your PC and navigate your browser to the URL (copied from Airdroidapplication).


  • Fill the password and click Login.
  • After logged in you will see the home screen of your Android phone from where you can control your Smartphone.
  • You can read messages, notifications, call log, files stored and many more using Airdroid application.

To your success:

Yogesh Vashist

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