Dell XPS 12: An Expert in Dual Role!

Later part of last year has witnessed many of the Ultrabooks being shipped across, with Windows 8 loaded onto them. Windows 8 has given a new dimension to the Ultrabooks, as users can enjoy the experience of having both laptops and tablets, in the form of one Ultrabook.


With most of the hybrid models, a persisting problem is that they are not capable of playing the dual role well. Bearing this fact in mind, Dell developers have taken a step ahead and came up with Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook that makes no compromise with any of its roles.

To get a guise of tablet from the laptop, you need to open the lid and push the upper half of it. The latches will unfasten with a quirk and there you are, having a tablet in your hand. On the tablet version of Dell XPS 12, you can see a ‘Windows’ button on the display that can be useful for the user, in case of switching between the Windows Metro interface and desktop interface.


First glimpse will definitely, fall on the screen and the entire display is covered with Gorilla Glass. Frame is aluminum built and the unit is of carbon fiber. The deck on which the keyboard rests is of magnesium.

Dell XPS 12, however, weighs slightly more than a usual 12.5 inch or 13 inch screen and it is 4 pounds. It is not great for travelling, though. But, do not forget that this model is two-in-one that justifies the weight of it.

The touch screen digitizer contributes to its weight. Also, the aluminum frame and the Gorilla Glass cannot be forgotten that add up to the weight of this hybrid model.


The 12.5 inch screen Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook’s low end model is powered by Core i5-3317U CPU. It has 128 GB SSD and system memory is of 4 GB with HD 4000 graphics and this model would cost you $1200.

However, the memory can be extended upto 8 GB, up the processor to Core i7-3517U and SSD can be extended upto 256 GB. For the advanced version, you need to pay $1700.


It is a beautifully designed ultrabook for this era, except for the fact that it is heavier to carry, while travelling. We feel that this is a factor that you can bear with, when the other features of this model are considered.

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