Do not buy Chinese Android Phone before reading this article:

Want to Buy a Chinese android phone and you do not know how and why. This article is for you. Currently, there are so many Chinese mobile phones in market (including Chinese android phone) that offers much features and drop you in doubt before purchasing new one. Read this article and you will better understand and will guide you before your next purchasing.chinese android phoneWhy a Chinese Android phone?

1 – Get a BIGGER screen android mobile: Some Chinese phones offer 4-inch or more. What is good for users; beloved of watching movies, playing games or view full web pages on their phones.

2 – Customize your Home Menu: Chinese android phones can greatly customize your Home screen. You can add a ton of applications like RSS feeds, your Facebook and Twitter streams, etc..  and most of the time they will be updated regularly as weather. You can also bookmark your favorite contacts directly from the home menu so you can easily call them.

3 – Extension On MicroSD Card: The majority of Chinese android phones offer you the possibility to increase the storage capacity of your mobile by inserting a microSD card up to 32GB, what is very useful for those who want more space for music, video and android applications.

4 – Chinese android phones feature a more powerful processor than their predecessors? If you are in a regular phone market in China, you have undoubtedly noticed a marked improvement in the speed and performance of new processor in GSM top models history. It is not uncommon to see the processor of a Chinese android phone with two hearts. For cons, the whole performance kills the battery, a significant point. By the way, here are some tips to save battery on your Android Phones.

5 – Dual SIM Cards: Most Chinese GSM Android incorporate two SIM cards which work simultaneously, so you have one SIM for work and another as per requirement.

6. Chinese Android Phones and Multimedia Android Phones: Chinese integrate all the multimedia functions you know: music, video, radio, television, sound recording and video camera, some time even two (one front and one rear).

7. Save Half or Two-third money: When you look at the report (Quality, performance, functionality) and Price, you quickly realize that Chinese Android Phones is a good deal.

In summary, if you are looking for a cheap smartphone, a Chinese Android Phone should logically meet your interest.

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