EaseUS Todo Backup Free – Guide to Protecting what is Important

Nowadays, due to rise of many potential threats that computers may confront, it has become imperative for most of us to backup files in our computers, especially if we use it for professional purposes. We hope, it shall be cataclysmic if you come to loss an important file regarding your business. Since cause for losing your data may be anything, it will be great if you take regular backups. For doing so, however, you need an effective tool that helps you backup every piece of information that you want to preserve. As there are many tools available, selecting one has become a very tough task. Yet, we, accidentally but fortunately, have found an awesome backup tool – EaseUS Todo Backup Free, a free tool for backing up important information from your PC and Smartphone. Here, we will have a brief review of this backup tool based on its special features.

Installing EaseUS Todo Backup Free & Major Sections

Installation of EaseUS Todo Backup Free is quite a simple task, and it takes only a few seconds even if you have a low hardware configuration. After that, you can open this tool by clicking on Desktop icon. Once you let Todo Backup have administrative control, you can see a window like shown in following image.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Review Disk Backup

Using EaseUS Todo Backup Free

As you can see, there are different sections in EaseUS Todo Backup Free. The first part is called ‘Backup’, which will help you backup disk partitions, files and your Android Smartphone. In all these options, you can taste effectiveness of simplicity, because it does not need you to have technical awareness about this. We find Android Backup to be an awesome feature, as it will help Android users to preserve data such as contacts.

You can use the next section to recover files or partitions that you have lost involuntarily. Just like the aforesaid case, it supports file recovery, disk/partition recovery, system recovery and finally Android recovery.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Review Disk Recovery

The third section namely Clone will be helpful for those who store A LOT in their hard drives and want to copy that exact drive for some specific purposes. Suppose you are trying to copy all those information from HDD to SSD. Then, you can use EaseUS Todo Backup Free to clone HDD to SSD in a relatively shorter duration.


The final section consists of some miscellaneous tools, which will be quite useful when you are managing backups in your PC. For instance, you can use wipe data method to delete information from one drive FORVER. Likewise, almost all these tools are quite impressive.

User Interface & Support

Particularly, we loved the user interface of EaseUS Todo Backup, as it will let anyone backup his file/partitions in just a shorter time. Furthermore, we do not have to have no previous experience in backing up files in order to use this tool. Apart from this, developers are offering a lot of support methods for EaseUS Todo Backup Free. For instance if you do not know the process of clone hard drive Windows 7, you can check out their superb tutorials to know more about it.

wipe data

Our Verdict

In light of both our experience and opinion from users, we came to understand that EaseUS Todo Backup Free is an awesome tool for protecting your information. Well, what do you think? We are waiting for your reply.

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