Easy Drive Technologies in Cars

Easy Drive Technologies in Cars

The innovation in technology is introducing new gadgets that we never thought we would see in our lifetime. So many gadgets are coming in the market.

Influx of gadgets and latest technologies in cars is becoming very popular. The IT companies separately and in collaboration with auto companies are introducing new technologies in cars that help to make drive easy and comfortable. Many gadgets facilitate the driver to avoid car accidents and guide them to their proper destination during their drive. It helps in saving time and money. The overall impact on the economy is also positive and such technologies have resulted in decrease in car accidents.

Most of the gadgets in the cars are now coming as factory installed. It means that they are more reliable as companies themselves have introduced in their cars. Here are some of the amazing gadgets that can be useful during your drive:

Bluetooth Auto Car Starter

This technology helps you to control your car through Bluetooth technology. This remote starter helps you to switch on and off your car engine. It can raise and lower the windows and helps in identifying engine problems. You can also remove your convertible roof through this technology with just one touch. Further, it can act as an alarm device during the times of theft. However, its range of this gadget is limited, and the producers are working to improve this technology.

Windscreen Display

Many new expensive cars are coming with this technology. This display provides you every detail that you require on your windscreen. Therefore, there is no need that you have to bow yourself while driving to change the music. You will find everything on the screen and you can control it with just one light touch. Windscreen display also shows you the GPS directions. It is usually factory inbuilt; however, such products with some low specifications are also available in the market for the price of $100.

Night Vision

Night Vision goggles might have fascinated you. I first came across night vision while playing a war game and it amused me.

The new cars have technology that switch on the night vision when there are inadequate streetlights. Such technology helps in avoiding accidents with pedestrian people and animals. Presently, this technology is only available in the new BMW cars. You can see on road up to 300 Yards through night vision technology. It is expected that this technology will become common soon.

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