Essential business software

These days, no business or organisation can expect to survive without adapting to changes in technology. The business world may have once relied on paperwork and board meetings; but nowadays, the role of business software cannot be underestimated.


These examples have all been created and designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of modern businesses. They’re essential, in the sense that any organisation who wants to remain competitive should consider adopting this technology in the day-to-day running of their business.

Time Management Software

Time is money, so the saying goes. For this reason, time management software and methods of recording employee productivity are of high importance in the workplace.

The most popular solutions are designed to create efficient records of employees, with minimum effort on their behalf. Services like ClickTime, which are used by Fortune 500 companies such as Intel and General Electric, allow usersto input their daily tasks, including how long they spent on each one, quickly and easily.

This is an extremely useful tool for employers, in terms of analysing employee productivity. You can find a free trial of ClickTime, here.

Customer Relationship Management Software

At the heart of any business is effective communication with clients. Though traditionally businesses may have relied on simple methods such as email and phone to maintain contact with their clients, modern software solutions have been designed to improve this important communication.

CRM software, offered by companies like TSG, is by no means a generic product. Depending on the nature and scale of a business, the software is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation.

The software is also an essential tool for market research, as the technology gives businesses the ability to analyse consumer behaviour and trends. This is vital information that can be used by a business to adapt their products and services, and achieve success.

Accounting Software

No business can stay afloat if their finances are in dire straits. Thankfully, advances in technology have delivered efficient software that is leagues ahead of traditional accounting solutions.

Accounting software, such as solutions offered by Sage, ensure greater speed, accuracy and the ability to analyse a company’s finances at a glance. What’s more, modern accountancy methods reduce the risk of human error and poor record keeping.

You can find a full range of business software from business technology specialist, TSG. They are a leading UK company with extensive experience of working with businesses of different sizes, so you can rest assured knowing that their services will be valuable to your organisation.

If you’re interested in the changes which developments in technology are having on the business world, take a look at our earlier post on the benefits of remote desktop programs. Like these business software examples, this technology allows for greater efficiency and flexibility in the workplace.

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