Evernote confirms it has been hacked and reset passwords

Evernote confirms it has been hacked

The ratings service in the cloud, Evernote confirmed that it has been hacked yesterday. His team of developers reported an unauthorized access to its systems platform through a security breach, which have been compromised email addresses, the passwords (encrypted) and user names. As important fact worth noting that no evidence has been found that the payment data and information of their premium and business users have been compromised.


A series of technology companies including Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter have recently disclosed cyber attacks.

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The ratings service in the cloud, Evernote, is the latest major target for hackers. In a statement revealing the Evernote team through its official blog, inform all users of the service email addresses, user names and encrypted passwords of some service users have been hacked and so consequently stolen. Although Evernote has not stated the exact number of users affected, they told that they have been the victim of a coordinated attempt which tried to access secure areas of their service .

Payment data and information from premium users unaffected

The good thing is that after the investigation by the security team of Evernote, found no evidence that the payment details and personal information of its Premium or Business users have been compromised or stolen in this hack, so in this case there is no risk that users of the service in these modes lose their money or personal or sensitive information.

In our security research, we have not found any evidence of access, modification or loss of the contents stored Evernote. Nor do we have any evidence of access to payment information or Premium or Business Evernote users.”

(Evernote users who have been affected have also received an email with complete information described and a link to the announcement).

Change the password compulsorily

Although the service is now running as usual, and according to Evernote additional measures have been taken to ensure that personal data of the users is kept secure. To do this, we require that all users change their passwords on Evernote accounts. Password change is required to regain access to saved notes, and all portal services from the user account.

Evernote advises the following important steps for security of user’s data from anywhere (including Evernote):

– Avoid using simple passwords based on dictionary words.

– Never use the same password on multiple sites or services.

– Never click on links from applications “password reset” (reset password) sent to our e-mail instead of going directly to the service. This means that it is much safer to go to the service to change the password click on the email sent to us to change the password, (something that should never be done).

If we link this new attack on Evernote to recently suffered Facebook,  Microsoft and Twitter, we have no need to think twice about uploading content in such personal cloud services. As a point in its favor, it is noteworthy that the passwords to be encrypted with one-way encryption algorithm are better protected against such attacks, (although nowadays we all know that you never know). Also, Evernote describes security passwords such as “robust”, but also advises all users to change and create a new password for security.

Moreover, the company has been praised Twitter for some users in terms of speed of response and how the situation has been addressed to be transparent on the details and also careful about how to reset passwords. Also, if users are still concerned about privacy or the security of your accounts or your payment details associated with the service, the Evernote team advised to contact their support team.

Have you also suffered from this hack?? Share your experience with us. We are eager to hear you.

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