Everything you need to know about Windows 8 | Reasons to upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8, the wave is about to fall on the computers of this world and the first echoes are hardly engaging … There are many critics of the new Microsoft operating system and perhaps now you doubt the validity of the update.

If the criticisms against Windows 8 is deserved for the most part, it is clear that the new operating system comes with improvements and innovations that may well bring Microsoft into a whole new era.

upgrade to windows 8

Editions of Windows 8

Windows 8

This is the equivalent of the Home Edition for previous versions of Windows.This is the standard edition of the OS. Included are the major features of Windows 8, with the exception therefore functions as BitLocker pros or Hyper-V. Are not included either Media Center software suite Office 2013.

Price: 109.90 EUR (OEM)

Windows 8 Pro

This is the classic Windows 8 Professional Edition. It therefore includes, in addition to the functions of Windows 8 features advanced as BitLocker, BitLocker To Go, BranchCache or domain join and Hyper-V client.

Price: 279.90 euros for an upgrade box (for XP, Vista and Seven) or EUR 59.99 until 31 January 2013 or 29.99 euros for download.

Pack Windows 8 Professional: 159.99 euros (EUR 59.99 until January 31, 2013) for an update box from Windows 8.

RT Windows 8

This is the edition of Windows 8 designed specifically for machines based on ARM processors. This version is not sold separately, it is necessarily attached to a terminal. Unlike other editions, it can not run x86 software compatible with older versions of Windows. In contrast, RT embarks Windows version of Office Home and Student 2013.

Price: not sold separately

Windows 8 Enterprise

Available since August, it is the only edition for companies in Software Assurance. It includes all the features of Windows 8 Pro, as well as specific functions for park administration, deployment and virtualization.

Price: non-public

System Requirements

Processor: like Windows 7, 1 GHz is required, with support from the EAP (to support more than 4 GB of memory with Windows 8 32-bit), the NX and SSE2.

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Disk Space: 20 GB available

Display: 1366 x 768 resolution

Still not sure? Here are 8 good reasons to upgrade to Windows 8!

1. Office Reinvented


This is a revolution! With Windows 8, finished the start menu! Place the explosion of color dynamic thumbnails and Windows 8 applicationsIn addition to being more attractive than the traditional office, this new home screen is proving to be very useful: the famous dynamic thumbnails are actually Windows 8 application icons and display information updated in real time from your network social favorites, your calendar or your mailbox for example. Moreover, the new office is fully customizable and you are free to organize according to your preferences. More beautiful, more convenient and fluid Windows 8 operating system is attractive. The elegance is no longer the preserve of Apple, which is in itself a revolution.

2. An operating system touch

Windows 8 marks the entry of Microsoft into the era of touch and gestures predefined operating system ensure easy navigation and simplifiedAlthough designed to provide maximum compatibility with digital tablets, Windows 8 will still allow to use keyboard and mouse for convenience. The touchpad fits on him for most cases and has optimizations to minimize typos. The spell will allow you to apply changes a gesture while the arrangement of letters automatically adapts to the language used.

3. The Windows easiest to install

windows 8 easy to install

Windows 8 is supposed to be installed on all machines with Windows 7 and Vista. The new operating system is indeed very demanding on system resources and should run without problems on smaller configurations. Best all software compatible with Windows 7 will run on Windows 8. Needless to redeem all!

4. Ever faster

According to initial tests by PC World, Windows 8 outperforms its predecessors in terms of speed and startup applications to run faster. Despite these achievements, the system is lighter than Windows 7. Note also that Windows 8 uses less memory to run this which leaves more space on your hard drive to your favorite programs.

5. Windows 8, safer

Windows 8 made progress in terms of security and puts many tools at your disposal to protect your computer. For example, BitLocker present in the Pro and Enterprise versions encode your files faster than ever for more safety. Function in turn SmartScreen protects your computer against malware sites and checking the reputation of visited pages. Finally, new options for restoration will help keep your computer clean as a whistle and you do not lose your documents or settings. Windows 8 will even help you create a USB stick that you can use to restore your system in case something goes wrong.

6. An operating system (finally) smart

The new integrated Windows 8 turns out to be easier to use than its elders. One could even say that the operating system is simply smarter! For example, Windows 8 will automatically recognize most devices on the market without prior configuration. The task manager acquires meanwhile a new interface clearer and fuller while the transfer windows adopt a pause button awfully convenient. Windows 8 also marks the end of unwanted notifications!The computer will install the updates when you will not use or when you have decided. It is also completed reboots surprise! Windows 8 will let you decide the best time to reboot your machine. Finally!

7. The Microsoft ecosystem

Windows 8 integrates with various online services from Microsoft: Microsoft account, necessary to access the Windows Store, save the configuration, wallpaper, files, bookmarks, contacts and applications installed on your computer so you can find them by logging on to another machine with Windows 8. Another good point, Windows 8 will automatically connect to your SkyDrive, the online storage service from Microsoft backup files in the cloud has never been easier.

8. The Windows version of the cheapest in history

Price mentioned in the starting of the article.

Start upgrading to Windows 8:

download windows 8

Official Website to start upgradation

To your success

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