Explosion of mobile sales on Black Friday

iSOS won 3-0 on Android, on Black Friday. Last Friday, when the Americans mobile sales on Black Fridaystarted the madness of Christmas campaigns, resulted in the expected triumph of Apple devices on Android, as the most commonly used for Internet purchases. Triple the Android. This year, the Net sales increased 20.7%, according to data provided by IBM to over one billion dollars.

Despite the success of e-commerce, is less than 10% of the sector. According to ShopperTrak, which measured the high street shops, collecting attendance was 11,200 million, 1.8% less than 2011, but, yes, the consumer traffic grew 3.5%.

In the world (75% vs. 15%), but also in the U.S. (53% vs. 34%) there are more Android phones than Apple, however, has already been shown, from the beginning, that the owner of an iPhone or an iPad is more active (download more apps) and more evolved (buy more). IBM, neutral in this sector, has made a calculation on sales of Black Friday, traditionally the Internet was just a day of shopping in the street. The multinational indicates that sales from mobile phones have grown by 16.3%, meaning both phones and tablets. And in this chapter seems to be distributed activity, as mobile took 58.6% of these sales and the rest were from tablets.

IBM also crumbles which brands of appliances they shop: 9.8% from an iPad tablet, 8.7% from an iPhone and 5.5% from devices with Android operating system. This means that the iPad generates more sales than any other mobile. The 10% of purchases online last Friday in the United States were conducted from a tablet.

In the case of tablets, the iPad is the clear leader with 88% of mobile traffic on Friday, followed by Nook Tablet Barnes and Noble (3.1%), Kindle (2.4%) and Galaxy ( 1.8%).

According to Nielsen, 48% of American children between 6 and 12 years old mobile sales on Black Fridayyearn for Christmas with a tablet iPad, 15 points above the desire for an iPhone. Regarding the sale of equipment, surprise, as tracking payments PayPal is the star of the day was not the iPad Mini, even the iPad in April, let alone above, removed on the sly Apple’s escape. The tablet was the best-selling iPad 2, which costs $ 100 or $ 100 less than last submitted, and they were sold at a rate of 250 units per hour.

Comscore, specializes in the measurement of the business, says that for the first, sales online on Friday surpassed the milestone of one billion dollars. Growth percentage was 26% over the previous year, although in the case on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, sales were up 32%. Throughout the month of November online sales had grown by 16%.

The most visited sites were Amazon, supermarkets Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Apple. compared to 2011 which have been increased more digital content (29%), toys (27%), home accessories (23%), consoles and games (18%) and electronics (18%).

Sales ‘online’ from mobile devices are already approaching 30%

The payment system PayPal, owned by eBay, had an increase of 193% mobile payments, while the volume of transactions grew 133% in eBay. In the case of the previous day, Thanksgiving, growth in this global event, payments for PayPal was 175%.

According to Price Grabber, a site product sale, 18% of the traffic received came through a smartphone while 10% were of tablets. The increased traffic from computers was 72%, that of moving one of 3300% and a 993% tablets.

Brand, leading pages of sites like American Eagle Outfitters, Anthropologie, Sephora and Ralph Lauren, among many others, received 3.1 million visits on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 63% and 32% of iOS Apps . The average purchase was $ 81 and 20.3% of traffic was already moving. Compared to last year, visits were up 103%, the value of purchases by 19% and sales by 221% mobile. The figures varied little the next day, Black Friday.

The holiday shopping season in the United States continues today with Cyber Monday, is it a specific day was inaugurated with the Internet, and where people take the opportunity to sell on eBay the gifts he received on Friday.

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