Facebook accused of patent infringement

The heirs of a Dutch computer scientist filed a complaint against Facebook, facebook accusedensuring that the company had violated two patents whose rights belong to them, deposited on the governing codes including buttons “like” and “share” of community network, at we learned today.

“While Mark Zuckerberg has not started what would become Facebook before 2003, there are remarkable similarities, both in terms of functionality and technical implementation, the journal on the Internet that Jos Van Der Meer had invented years earlier, “it is stated in the text of the complaint filed in a court of the state of Virginia, in the eastern United States.

Described in the text of the complaint as “a pioneer in the development of user-friendly technologies on the Internet,” Jos Van Der Meer, programmer and inventor internet specialist, died in 2004 after seeking patents in 1998, later obtained on two of his inventions. Jos. Van Der Meer had formed a company to commercialize his inventions, Aduna, had registered the domain name “surfbook.com” and launched a test site, but died later.

Heirs also note that one of the patents filed by Facebook did the same state of patents filed by Jos Van Der Meer, indicating that they believe that the company was aware of violating intellectual property Jos van der Meer. Facebook has been the target of numerous attacks courts for violations intellectual property, but very few of them have succeeded.

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