Facebook spam: beware of so-called iPhone 5 to win

Facebook is a victim of a new wave of publications contentious promise 20, 50 or 500 to win a free iPhone 5 from pages that impersonate Apple or its local subsidiaries.

win iphone 5

Following the so-called promotional offer promising opportunities acquire an iPhone 5 for only 59 euros, or the promise of free Mega accounts Francophone networks on Facebook are covered in this weekend of a new wave of spam. This time, the windfall seems even more beautiful, because it would be distributed directly by iPhone 5 French Belgian subsidiaries of Apple, offered as free prizes through contests.

We received 20 iPhone 5 16GB that can not be sold because they came without the protective film box outside. For this reason, we will draw lots 20 iPhone through this page, for those who share this photo and enjoy our Fan Page,” promises one of these pages, called Apple Belgium.

Although the publication may arouse some suspicions (grammar, Anglo-Saxon terminology and page created on the day of the launch of the supposed competition), it was shared 40,000 times, 35,000 times, and commentary generated some 25,000 “I love”. Sunday, we observed at least three Facebook pages federating these ads (called Apple Inc. Apple Apple France and Belgium, see our screenshots), with each of them a similar text, if it is only on some, it is not 20 but 500 iPhone that are promised happy internet users.

Only participants who likes this page will draw lots. Thank you for your understanding. Contest ends Wednesday, 27 February 2013 a 20h  , “said one of them, topped with a tribute to Steve Jobs.

Here, we blithely exceed 100,000 shares and comments.

Many scoff on Facebook already support these ”  too good to be true  “, but the a prior approach proves successful, with a virality that is growing more publication is relayed, and is highly visible, thus giving desire for new network members to try their luck. It has also nothing new: it will be remembered, for example, a similar operation, also fraudulent, which promised last summer the possibility of playing Mario Kart 7 directly on Facebook.

Whenever the promise proved sufficiently attractive for the user sniffs the trap, while saying that after all, there is not much to lose to give a click or two, when his luck he has really blown a good plan. remains to be seen what is the motivation of the people (or person here, since the three pages observed by us repeat exactly the same texts and the same procedure) that are responsible for these competitions can get. Among other assumptions, it could are specialists in the generation of Facebook pages with high participation rates, which are then responsible to change the title then sell them on specialized marketplaces.

More commonly, the directors of these fraudulent pages then try to get the user who has “liked” their page to complete a registration form in order to obtain their contact information which will then be sold to an advertising agency. were asked Facebook to comment on a possible recurring phenomenon. In the meantime, we would like to remind our readers that kind on the Internet as in real life, it should be wary of opportunities that definitely seem too good to be true …

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