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On Thursday April 4, Facebook could launch a smartphone with an Android operating system dedicated to the social network. facebook smartphoneFacebook Team has invited the local media in their premises, Menlo Park, California (United States) for a press conference on 4 April. The purpose of this visit leaves little room for doubt: “Come and see our new home on Android” and proclaims the invitation.

The device will be manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC: Facebook has said they did not intend to manufacture its own smartphone. Even last summer, Mark Zuckerberg stated that “all phones are meant to social becomings” but he will make access to its network in a mobile operating system. The young CEO had also noted in September 2012 that the future was now in mobile devices, promising that his group would “make more money on mobile than (…) on the computers.” It seems that Facebook has decided to lead by example with their smartphone, much like the Nexus released by Google.

The device itself is indeed manufactured by the Taiwanese HTC. Design, it will be carried out by the social network – An Android version that highlights the Facebook services and applications. Clearly, the smartphone will be unveiled on Thursday will carry a version of Android (developed by Google) which will forward services and social networking applications. According to several U.S. media, it will be no longer necessary to open the Facebook application to be in touch to your “friends”. The device would display the contents of Facebook members from the home page. A study commissioned by Facebook and also published on Friday, conducted by IDC with some 7000 people, aged 18 to 44 years, indicates that smartphones have become the best friends of the population specially youngsters. According to the study, people who have an iPhone or an Android and connect throughout the day and check their equipment four or five times per quarter hour. The three applications are the most viewed emails, surfing the internet and … Facebook. This smartphone will be the best for them.

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