Firefox OS: start with ZTE and Alcatel future with Sony

There is not that Android at MWC. Today was also the great day of Firefox OS, the operating system Mozilla. As Ubuntu OS, Mozilla aims to break the monopoly Apple / Android and get a place in the mobile game, aiming especially in developing markets.

Firefox OS is fully developed using open standards and so anyone can create applications by publishing them on the market Mozilla. Just to encourage developers to join the project OS Firefox, Mozilla has made ​​available various APIs for managing equipment.



[adsenseyu6] It is also for developers What was presented both smartphones during the press conference, one produced by ZTE , the other by Alcatel . Both devices are entry level, also because Firefox is the market share of developing countries.

The new OS Firefox has also attracted the interest of Sony. The Japanese company took advantage of his official press conference at MWC in Barcelona yesterday announced a multi-year partnership with the multinational Telefonica to work on a joint smartphone could emerge in 2014.

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