Flow Game Review (With Cheats)

Flow game is available on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, some Blackberry devices, and many other select mobiles (cell-phones). It’s a free, addictive puzzle game suitable for adults and slightly older children because of the difficulty levels. There are two modes; free play and time trial.

How it works

Each level of Flow game is played on a grid which has been separated into even squares. This grid is similar to a Soduko board. There are different coloured circles in some squares (two of each colour appear on the board). The first level pack is played on a 5×5 grid. This pattern is duplicated and increased in a linear way (for example, the next pack is 6×6, 7×7…etc). The hardest level pack is a 14×14 grid. There are 30 levels in each pack. The colours also gradually increase. This means that the 5×5 grid has 5 colours, the 6×6 grid has are 6 colours and so on.Aim of the game – ‘free play’

The aim of Flow is to connect matching colours together (for example – one blue dot is connected to another blue dot). You do this by tapping the blue dot and dragging it to its matching partner – the other blue dot. Note: you can only go across or up. Diagonal moves are not allowed.

This simplicity is somewhat misleading, but the game gets more difficult, the longer you play it. If you connect all the dots with spare spaces left on the grid, the level is deemed complete. However, connect all the dots and cover every square, and the level will be completed perfectly! The player is rewarded with a star for each perfectly completed grid.

Aim of the game – ‘time trial’

On the time trial setting you chose a board size (these range from 5×5 to 9×9). Next, pick the amount of time you want (for example: 30 seconds, 1, 2 or 4 minutes). After you’ve clicked the time you want it takes you straight into the game. A random 5×5 grid (if that’s what you’ve chosen) puzzle will appear and it’s then up to you to solve it. The aim is to solve as many puzzles as you can in the time you have been given. When you’ve finished, your record is conveniently displayed next to the time limit so you can try to beat it next time. The good thing about ‘time trial’ is that you’re able to choose your difficulty and amount of time. This is definitely recommended when playing Flow.

Keep in mind that the first levels are quite easy once you understand the game. It continues to get harder and harder – making each level more and more challenging and fun. To get you into the game, here are cheats for the first level on the 5×5 grid;

1. Drag the top red circle down four squares and right – one square.
2. Pull the top green circle left one and down three.
3. Next, drag the top blue circle down two squares.
4. The penultimate move is to pull the yellow shape left one and down three.
5. To complete the level, use the remaining space for the orange circle. This should be fairly straight forward.

Now you’ve got the skinny on the game, Flow. What do you think of the cheats and do you have any cool ones you’d like to add. Enjoy your game!

Download Flow Free for Android

Download Flow Free for Apple products

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