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Forza Horizon

A racing game from Microsoft’s den! Even the cynics should confess that it is a brilliant game. Forza Horizon is a racing game and scores high on thrill front. Forza Horizon version is more improved and the players are required to get involved in a tough act but perform wise, it obviously deserves a top slot. On every front, improvement is more prominent. New car paint design creates a visual appeal and more ‘thrill’ factors have been thrown in. So, no gaming enthusiasts should give a miss to it. Let us take a look at the predecessor.

Forza Horizon feels like a top gear, provided you are Clarkson bumping into other four wheelers and sending them into a toss. As Hammond, you will drift round a top gear track in a thick cloud of smoke. When you are May, you will roll around in circular motion. But you will not go anywhere and while doing all these as May, you will keep off your assists. There is a lot of amazing features of Forza 3 version but a heavy makeover has been applied through a new mode that has been added to a mix including kinect and vista attributes.

On graphic end, Forza Horizon is brilliant and beautiful. It is possible to get the car placed in the environment through the assistance of new, revamped engine. An amazing feature is the car’s reflection can be seen from the environment. At the starting of the article, it has already been mentioned that cars’ graphics are more appealing. But in addition to the look factor, the trucks too have gone overhauls, thereby making vistas more stunning. You can say it a happy marriage with new mode of auto vista. And it lets you get intimate with some most handsome four wheelers while Jeremy is simply talking or showing rants about them in some of the cases. And Halos warthog is also present there!

Inclusion of top gear is, according to both tech critics and pros, is a brilliant idea. The players hear Jeremy’s voice whether it comes to car adoring or other car-related activities. And then you will see the top gear test track. The game is really awesome and has already earned a pool of die-hard fans from all over the world.

However, all these said, it never means that this game suffers from no problems. But at the same time, it is also true that none of these problems is big enough to hamper your gaming experience even if are playing it for the first time. Only a few new tracks have been added to Forza Horizon. The number of tracks is not enough, considering a lot of games will be played out there. However, considering its other great features, the game will not stumble due to such a small problem.

If you are a car lover, Forza Horizon gives you an ample of choice to take your pick from more than hundred items. All of them are equally appealing and great looker. According to me, this is the best racing game I have ever played.

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