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In general when we compare iPad apps on the Apple App store with their counterparts on the iPhone, one thing is very clear: the apps for a tablet are more expensive. But lucky for Apple’s policy of maintaining a good proportion of free apps on the store, there are many free apps that cover a range of requirements on the App Store.

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In this article you will find the list of free apps for iPad which will make your iPad experience better.

Air Video Free: Many people actually complain about the iPad screen’s 4:3airvideo free aspect ratio, but there is no disputing the fact that it is still an amazing device for simple watching videos. Where is probably lack is storage space and its not easy to maintain large collections of video. This is where Air Video comes to the rescue. It lets you to stream video while if required it converts it in real time, directly from your computer. The limitation of the free version though is the fact that it will only show a few items which are picked randomly from each folder or playlist.

BeatwaveBeatwave is a modified synth app that lets you quickly create tracks and melodies by merely prodding a grid. There are multiple layers and numerous instruments to provide a range of complex compositions. You can save your sessions and store them or share them via email. There are also options to be able to buy more instruments and sounds within the app.

ComicsThe iPad’s screen is big an enough to show an entire page in a comiccomics for ipad book, unlike phones where you need to zoom an scroll to be able to read properly. And you can always fin loads of free comics available within the in-app store that is bundled into the app. Dictionary again seems like a standard app but whats commendable is a really smooth and slick interface compared to even websites. The best part is it works offline and you don’t need to be online giving you very quick access to millions of words and thesaurus items really fast.

DropboxDropbox is an absolutely brilliant service now with support onDropbox almost all platforms letting you sync files instantaneously across multiple devices. The iPad app for dropbox is similar to its iPhone counterpart and lets you preview many file types and save them as favorites locally on your device.

EvernoteVery similar to Dropbox is another application for syncing and keeping track of ideas. Evernote is a free service for saving and syncing text documents, images and clips across multiple devices. It is very similar to its iPhone counterpart but the large iPad screen lets you see more and navigate through your data more easily.

Feeddler RSS Reader for iPadFeeddler is very simple and straight forwardfeeddler RSS Reader for the iPad and it can also be linked with your Google Reader account. It is very resourceful an fast letting you even store text offline and browse by feed. It comes with a browser built-in, so you will not have to switch to Safari to visit any link.

The Guardian EyewitnessThis is an amazing app for witnessing eye-catching photography. The Guardian Eyewitness gives you a daily visual representation of global events. You are provided with access to the hundred most recent photos and they can be viewed in full screen. You can also save these photos to your iPad and share them via e-mail.

iBooksGoing head on with the Kindle is iBooks, Apple’s own in-house ebookibooks reader app. It is also backed by the iBookstore which also has adequate free books to purchase. The best part is the adjoining iTunes University where you can do many courses from reputed universities for free. In accordance with Apple standards, the interface is very refines, with handy cross-device bookmark syncing, highlighting and various display options. It’s also a capable PDF reader, for your digital magazine collection.

IM+The new versions of the iPad to allow you multitasking upto a certain extent, but it is still not easy to juggle between numerous IM clients to chat with friends. IM+ is a good alternative to that, letting you to run a number of IM services in a single app, and there’s also a built-in web browser for checking out links and not having to open it again in the Safari browser.

Kindle: Amazon’s Kindle iPad app for reading myriad books available at thekindle Kindly Store is not easy as it is in iBooks. Here you have to buy books and get free purchases from the Safari browser and then sync these with your Kindly app through the Internet. None the less Kindle is fine for reading and you get options to optimize your experience and also comes with the ability to mark pages and sync then across other devices including the Kindly and Android Kindle app to read from the same place on multiple devices.

PaperDesk Lite for iPadThis is effectively a digital notepad which lets you combine typed words, scribbles and audio recordings in user defined notebooks. The individual pages can be emailed as a PDF, although the free version lets you send only three pages per notebook.

Twitterific for TwitterThe Twitterific app for the iPad was a fresh reboot oftwitterrific the original mobile app. The producers decided to go back to the basics and get a simpler form out rather than the complicated app it had turned into. On iPad, it was reworked into a simpler form and has become a great and simple usable Twitter client. It also provides for multiple account functionality through IAP.

Wikipanion for iPadThe Wikipedia website works brilliantly on Safari, but this app make navigating much simpler and faster. Another app which does the same well is Simplepedia. IT comes with an efficient two-pane landscape view with excellent book marking and history access.

eBay for iPadThe eBay for iPad is good for you and you will not want to goebay back to use the basic system on a web browser ever again. It’s fast and efficient and very aesthetically showcases important details and images in its main results view. The app also gives you sorting and drag-based definition of price-ranges.

Google EarthProbably not a very smooth running app and it also lacks few of the features available on its desktop alternate, but Google Earth is really pleasurable to use on an iPad. You can intuitively use touch gestures to move around the planer and the optional layers let you display as much or as little ancillary information as you wish.

WordPressThe official WordPress app for iPad has traditionally been slightlywordpress for ipad slow and buggy, it’s still good enough for authoring blog posts while on the move. It also comes with both text-based and visual approaches to crafting posts, so you don’t have to be stuck with HTML.

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