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As smartphones and tablets have become a phenomenon, the need for applications is increasing, but it can be time-consuming to look for the free ones to download and install on your device. Why go through the various Internet stores when you can have all the free goodies in one place? You can make your mobile app store. This one destination will reveal everything you crave to have on your mobile like Android apps and iPhone apps, Windows phone applications, games, wallpapers, music and more.



What’s on Display?

  • General Play works like a search engine and is also platform-independent.
  • This means you can use it for any device brand.
  • What you will find here first will be an extensive list of all that it has to offer. Each of the presented apps comes with a brief description.

Categories of General Play

The categories are many – you may choose between books, health, food, games, education, lifestyle, music, shopping, photography, kids and more. However, the most popular categories seem to be the free Android apps.

Helpful and Relevant Criteria:11

When it comes to such a broad offer, it is highly desirable to have some sort of algorithm to help your browsing. This site offers you this feature of easy browsing. You can check different categories like interest, the most popular downloads, and so on. Thus, it is also easy to stay informed about the trends with General

Paid and Free – All Legal?

Yes, no matter what you choose, even if you download iPhone apps or you pick from the many free options, for example choosing to download Android apps at no costs, you will not have to worry about it. All contents are legal and safe. After all, General Play has been in the business for about 5 years, and is committed to provide efficiently to mobile users.

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