Google Calendar is now available on all Android devices

We have very good news for Android users is that the native Google Calendar app is now available on Google Play for all devices using this OS. The new application is available for devices with Android version 4.3 and higher, while the former will have to settle for bringing serial schedule.

So far Google Calendar was only available on the Google Nexus S devices, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. One of the most important is that Google has introduced the possibility to install this application on any Android device. Thus, improved compatibility with other devices Jelly Bean version than Nexus or the ability to send feedback to Google directly from the application. Furthermore, devices with Android version Ice Cream Sandwich will have new features such as the events marked with specific colors or the possibility of postponing the reminders.

Google Calendar

An application loaded with new features

The new Android app brings Google Calendar for standard functions such as create, edit and delete events or respond to invitations, but goes a step further and includes some extras that will make it easier to manage our time, and provides easier communication . One of the innovations that we can see is that events can be suspended directly from the notification. In addition, for the most clueless is possible that the application remember events before, and even predefined message can be sent by email to the other participants of the event, which comes in handy for example, to warn if we’ll get Later, as we can send it to everyone at once.

Note that in the description accompanying the application on Google Play is advised that some of the features that have problems on some HTC devices such as the inability to display the day and week views, that clicking on an invitation received email from a mail application to open the calendar from the browser and not from the application or the absence of sound when you receive a new email invitation, among others.

Google Calendar is a free application that is available for download through Google Play. If you want you can get to it by clicking the link.

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