Best of Google I/O 2013

There are things worth noting which have either arrived or will arrive soon in the hands of all consumers, being of general interest and not just computer experts who develop platforms for Google, who finally has allocated almost this whole Google I/O 2013.

The new Google maps

google maps at i/o

Google CEO Larry Page at I/O

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A complete redesign came in picture through maps navigation via Google Maps for web browsers, bringing a minimalist interface and also simplified with new functions: a search bar floating on the map, better demarcation of roads, better interface for searches of commercial and more information about them, and even the possibility of using Google Earth-style maps from the same web browser.

In our opinion it was one of the strengths of all Google I/O 2013, they have reduced clicks in achieving various tasks and also focused on aesthetic enhancement which is really important,  and all these things made this web application one of the best technically achieved around the world.

The Google search engine in the browser now recognizes and responds speaking voice

google search at I/O 2013


Google wants to be one of the first companies to adopt voice recognition between its star products, and for that now showed the support for speech queries through the search engine, via the Google Chrome web browser.

In an unspecified future, the idea is that we can sit down at the computer with microphone, open in the browser at and simply say, ” okay Google, what is the distance from here to Mount Everest? “, after which a female voice gives us a simple and direct answer.

This saves the task of finding our response between the links given by search Google Search Engine.

Google Music All Access: The new platform for music via subscription

google play music at i/o 2013


Looking to compete with services like Spotify, Google launched its new platform for music over the Internet through streaming songs, offering a catalog of artists with the labels Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, through which unlimited music can be accessed without downloading by paying USD $ 9.99 per month.

We have already tested the new service, which offers the first month free subscription and requires a somewhat complicated process for activation if we are not in the United States: Validate us in another region through a VPN and have U.S. credit card, as the service is officially available only in that country.

Google messaging is unified by Google Hangouts

google hangouts at i/o 2013


It had leaked a month ago about the project Google Babel, who seek to unify all messaging platforms that are distributed among the various Google services such as Talk, Voice, Hangouts and the Google+ chat. And finally this week introduced the product through a mobile phone app simply called Hangouts.

This comes into direct competition to the field of mobile instant messaging with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger and many more, taking the advantage of syncing contacts between Google services crowd gathered under a single interface.

We tested the application and it brings great benefits such as support for video-conferencing individual or group, but the tool has some limitations on the side of the lack of features and simplicity excess also.

Larry Page arouses controversy: Google is being lousy with Microsoft

larry page at i/o 2013


There is an issue that should have to do with Google I / O 2013, but thanks to Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, is in vogue. Because for the first day of the event, the character took the stage and said “are fighting people like Microsoft”, comment whose background is  a brief but intense history of statements exchanged between both companies.

Long story short: Google claims that companies like Microsoft only taking advantage of their services, while Microsoft suffers from no cooperation from Google and asked to agree to build mutual collaboration, even the air we breathe in Mountain View when playing the theme is quite dense. We do not know how it will end.

So these were the glimpses of Google I/O 2013… Share your views with us.

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