With pixels, Google is stepping up its war against Microsoft

Unveiled last week, the pixels Chromebook is the first notebook designed entirely by Google. If it inspires MacBook Air, both in its design that … its price (from 1299 dollars), top model has not provided the ambition to attack frontally Apple.

Its launch is part of an overall strategy in contrast to the Mountain View company to take a position in the PC world.And its main target is called Microsoft instead, the current market leader.


Chrome OS vs Windows 8?

The Pixel is a new step to achieve this goal. For Google, it is not (yet) sell millions of copies: Given the price, this terminal should certainly remain a niche product for an audience.

The goal is to put more light on its Chrome OS operating system. The group wants to establish itself as a credible alternative to Windows 8, which seems to meet many difficulties to win.There is also a segment of users who refuse to upgrade to the latest version of the Microsoft OS.

Until now, Google relied on manufacturing partners to get its first Chromebook. He also played the map affordable prices to justify the purchase of a computer as a model of complement due to the limitations of the OS. This strategy was beginning to bear fruit: the version marketed by Samsung ranks first in sales on Amazon since its launch more than four months. At Acer, the Chromebook is between 5 and 10% of sales in the United States. And HP and Lenovo, the two leading manufacturers of computers, have recently launched their first model.

The web giant has now decided to switch to a higher gear. And thus intensify its fight against Microsoft. Google clearly dominates the group in Redmond Internet services (search, email, maps …), was first attacked in web browser, with the launch of Chrome in late 2008 to compete with Internet Explorer. The group continued its offensive in slashing prices office suites for businesses, forcing Microsoft to rethink partly economic model.

With pixels, Google does not aim to topple Microsoft on its own ground. But he wants to legitimize Chrome OS hoping to convince more PC manufacturers. Especially since he does not charge a license, unlike its rival.

To merge Chrome OS and Android?

The California company also hopes to show the way to its partners: Chromebooks can also aim for the top of the market. The introduction of touch capabilities also allow a glimpse of hybrid devices, mi-PC/mi-tablet that exist today that Windows 8. Mentioned, the merger of Chrome OS with Android would be a further step in this direction.

But to truly break into the world of operating systems, Google had to give a pulse. As it has already done with its Nexus range of smartphones on the market shelves and to impose its mobile OS. Especially at the expense of Microsoft!

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