Google respond to iPad Mini with a Nexus 7 $ 99

Google is very busy these days planning the launch of several products, from new devices to a new version of AndroidHowever, it seems that the upcoming release of the iPad Mini has made them rethink their strategy and launch a new version of its tablet Nexus 7, with a price of just $ 99. This would be an impressive response to its biggest rival in the world of mobile devices: Apple.

google nexus

And is that according to a Taiwan component supplier, Google has plans to launch a tablet version of the Nexus 7 with a lower hardware to that made in the month of June, but that would be priced at just $ 99, making it the cheapest tablet with Android operating system in the official market, which would impact even at that cheap Chinese tablet market and poor quality that have Android applications but not official as Google Play or GMail.

The main differences of this new Nexus 7 compared with the original is that incorporate a ARM architecture processor with a single core 8950 model manufactured by the Chinese company WonderMedia Technologies , and also change his panel by one of lower resolution. They are big differences to the processor Tegra 3 quad-core and the display of the current model, but hey, we speak of a tablet comparable with the first Samsung Galaxy Tab for just a price of $ 99.

If true this rumor, something that neither ASUS nor WonderMedia Technologies wanted to confirm, this means that the approaching launch of not one but two new models of Nexus 7, as well as previously mentioned, there is talk of a version capable 32 GB for $ 250. No doubt Google is very busy, because it is also about the presentation of the new LG Nexus 4.

So far, the only confirmed date is the presentation of the rival Nexus tablet and that is October 23.

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