Google Voice Search App -Siri, Out You Go!

Can It Outsmart Apple’s Siri?

Recently, Google announced the coming of an update of its Search applications for Apple’s brainchildren- the iPhone and the iPad. The repackaged Google search app is highlighted by the inclusion of Google’s enhanced voice functionality. This is somewhat similar to the voice app seen on several Android devices. One of the best features of this voice app is that it runs on the newest Android OS version, Jelly Bean.

But this Voice app isn’t something we should get excited about yet. Google still calls the new functionality ‘baby steps, but important ones on our way to building the search engine of the future.’ For example, the user can ask for the weather and the app will generate results and give you the appropriate response. The updated Google will also be available in the iOS App Store in the succeeding days. But after the promised date, nothing significant actually happened.GTFO SIRI

Days after the announcement, Google told the media that the app was already submitted a week before its unveiling. Its exact whereabouts, we don’t know. Has it been sitting in the App Store for approval? And what is causing the delay?

In all fairness to Google, a reporter revealed to Computer World that Google hasn’t heard from Apple since the day it submitted the app for approval. This is a bit irregular for Apple’s habit of rejecting an app. When it does, it says what needs to be improved right away. No frills, no trash talks. Is Apple scrutinizing it so well and possibly erasing Siri-like features of the app, or does the tech giant just want to prove something?

According to 9to5

“In 2009, you may remember, Apple rejected the official Google Voice app and other third-party solutions. The fiasco caused a probe to be launched by the Federal Communications Commission, but all was officially cleared. Apple explained at the time: “[Google Voice] appears to alter the iPhone’s distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone’s core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface with its own user interface for telephone calls, text messaging and voicemail.” We wonder if Apple is moving to make a similar case for Google Now functionality within the Google search app.”


Basically, Google has learned the patterns of user search queries that the new Google search app caters to and givesthem relevant and helpful information.  We believe this is better than Siri, and many others seem to concur with the verdict.

We have no idea when the approval process ends, or if the app will really be approved.  It appears that we are left to ponder the happenings in the tech world and speculate on what’s going to happen next. In the meantime, I urge you to sell an old phone and buy a smartphonethat will allow you to download and enjoy the new functionality of the enhanced Google search app!

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