Hertz iPhone App review

If you are looking to rent a van for as little as an hour quickly and painlessly, then the Hertz On Demand app may be for you. The Hertz van hire app is arguably one of the most functional and user-friendly of its kind on the market, and looks set to further establish the company’s status as one of the most popular and well-known car rental firms in the United Kingdom.
Vehicles are accessible 24 hours a day, across 8,100 locations worldwide – and fuel and insurance are included.

Hertz iPhone App

Undoubtedly, the most arduous part of the process of using the app is the registration that you must complete online before you are actually able to use the app itself. Following registration, a verification process begins that ends in your receiving confirmation of your membership and an RFID tag which will later be needed to enter and start the vehicle.

And here is where the app comes into its own…
The actual process of downloading and installing the app is – as with any app available on iTunes – incredibly easy! This simple process is very much a sign of things to come. Just enter the time and date that you require the van, and this leads you to a list of vans available for rent. Choose the van that you wish to rent and you will then receive a text to confirm your order, in addition to the specific location and registration of the van.

Every van on the Hertz register is equipped with GPS, so if ever you have trouble finding the vehicle, the iPhone app will lead you safely to it.
This is not all. If you need to make any changes to your order at the last minute, or simply update your account information, the Hertz app is on hand to make these once time-consuming tasks incredibly simple.

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