How Android Phones Came to Popularity: The Role of Reputation Management

Android phones are one of the most popular handsets available in the market manufactured and released by several smartphone brands. It cannot be denied that Android phones have remained to be the toughest competitor of the Apple phones and when seen in totality, Android phones have surpassed the sales of iOS products. But how did android phones became so popular? What were the factors that contributed to its success? Here, we will discuss the history of android phones and the most important elements revolving around its hit including that of a good reputation management.

History of Android Phonesandroid phones

Android phones operate using the Android operating system, a Linux based OS. It was primarily developed for smartphones that have touch screen functionality as well as for tablet computers. Android was launched in 2007 and owned by Google in 2005 after buying it from Android, Inc. The first android phone was released and sold in 2008 in the month of October and the rest was history. In 2012, Android has a market share of 75% worldwide with over a million of activations per day. At present, it has a total of 750 million active devices. This huge success of Android phones is attributed to a variety of causes including:

1      Google offers an open source code

Unlike the iOS which is solely manufactured and distributed by Apple, the Android OS has a permissible licensing wherein various developers, wireless carriers and device manufacturers can modify and distribute Android phones. These allowed several Android phones to be made and considered by the public increasing its sales and growth.

2      It has a large community of apps developers

Another interesting point for android phones is its ability to extend its functionality through the use of applications. This also made the smartphones a hit because users are able to make their phones jive to their needs, interests, work, and others. Approximately, Android users can choose from over 700,000 apps. In Google Play, 2.5 billion apps have been downloaded since its release.

3      Low-cost

Different device developers were also able to manufacture low-cost smartphones, which additionally increased the sales of Android phones. Customers now also consider the price without forgetting the quality. Luckily, certain Android phones are available in lower prices without compromising quality.

4      Google has released numerous updates on the operating system

Yearly, Android developers release updates on Android making it stronger and more functional. From the 1.5 Cupcake to the present 4.2 Jelly Bean, Android phones are very highly adaptive to the demands of its consumers.

5      Good reputation

All of the above successes can never completely sum up to the sensation of Android phones without a good reputation especially online. The good reputation of Android phones were speedily transmitted over the internet, which made other users know what Android phones has to offer. A good online reputation allowed the public to look into the perks of Android phones making it a huge hit in the smartphone market.

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