How to build a website for a niche market

** Build a website for a niche market **

It can often cost a lot for a website to be designed, developed further and then marketed. This cost may vary based on the format and the applications and features you choose for your website. This does not apply for niche market and micro- niche market sites.niche websites

While businesses sell many different products or many forms of the same product, micro niche and niche businesses sell only a single service or product. As is obvious, the website need not be very big but is quite small and must just be big enough to make good enough conversions.

The costs of the niche website must be kept low so as to maximize profits. The conversion rates will also be higher with reduced costs. There are a few essential elements that must be part of a niche or micro niche website. They are:

1. Select a dynamic content management system:

It is very important that the process of making changes, alterations and content management systemupdating your website be efficient and easy to manage. To be able to do this, you will have to take up a good content management system (CMS). A CMS will also help you monitor the online growth and progress of your niche business.

Speaking from personal experience and experimentation with various content management systems, I am of the opinion that WordPress is excellent, reliable and easy to use. It has and is being used by thousands of websites all over the world. WordPress is completely free of cost, which suits micro niche and niche businesses both. WordPress makes web page customization extremely simple and easy. There is a huge group of developers to help you out in any and every possible way. I shall continue this article keeping WordPress in mind as the CMS being referred to.

2. Select a design:

A good business website must be well-planned and must have easy navigation and access. Most of all, it must be user friendly and attractive. WordPress helps you to create a design perfectly as you want it to be. There are over a thousand themes or skins that you can apply to your website until you find the most perfect one.

WordPress also gives you the option of trying out a theme of your own on to your website to give your website a personal touch. You could choose from the catalogue of themes of WordPress or simply purchase themes online and upload them. There are numerous fabulous themes that just require a bit of searching. You could customize an existing theme to make it look unique as well. You must keep things on your website simple and easily comprehendible without too man complications and processes.

3. Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an extremely important marketing search engine optimizationstrategy to make good business online. It is the most significant marketing strategy for niche and micro niche businesses. Research states that if one has to find new products, 70% of customers start by searching online. Unless you employ SEO for your niche business, you will miss out on many customers and a good amount of profit.  If you want to promote our niche and micro niche businesses with SEO, then you must do the following:

  • Your page titles, descriptions and keywords must be relevant and must focus on your product or service
  • Direct the content of your home page on the viewers and not on search engines. Do not forget to include at least a single heading tag containing your keywords. This will also comply with the latest updates by Google Penguin
  • Write fresh, original and interesting content frequently, maybe once a week, and post it on your website from time to time
  • Integrate icons of social media onto your web pages to increase social integration. This is called Google ranking factor. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the best options and associating to all of these will increase your conversion rates and increase the number of your sales.

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