How to change Background Image of Gmail and Google

Hello Friends, Today I am here to tell you how to customize Gmail and Google background. As we all know Google is world’s most popular engine and Gmail the most popular E-mail service provider.

Change Google Homepage Background:

Most users set their home page to Are you bored with white ground of Google? Don’t worry you can change it to your choice by following the simple steps:

  • Scroll to the bottom of page, Click on the link available in the left bottom of the page saying Change Background Image.
  • Now you can select a background image for your Google Homepage.

Enjoy tips by Yogesh 

How to change Background image of Gmail:

Follow the below steps to change the background image of Gmail:

  • Open settings (right side of the page) and click on Themes.
  • Scroll the page to then end where you will see Custom Theme option.
  • Select theme to “Light” or “Dark” as per your choice.
  • Click on “Change Background” and select the image of your choice or upload a new one.

Congratulations you have implemented a new theme of your choice.

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