How to choose a laptop | A laptop buying guide

The laptop market is very much alive, new performances are frequent and are increasing while price, weight and size down. A wide range of laptops is available in today’s market and it becomes quite difficult to choose a laptop. FTechBlog has come up with some key tips which help you in this regard.

laptop buying guide

Here are few key points How to choose a Laptop:


If you really do not need mobility, I mean to say if you do not move constantly with your machine, there is no need to purchase a small notebook. Choose a model which is a bit bigger and has a large screen (17 “or 18”), a separate numeric keypad and a large battery is then a good choice in terms of comfort.

Portablelaptop buying guide

Your computer must be able to follow you around but make sure you should have a minimum of comfort. A 15.4 “only which is not so bulky can be good. Reasonable weight and comfortable keyboard.

Mini laptop

The mini laptops are very small computers. These machines can be stored in a small bag and can be used anywhere. It will be perfect for you if you travel a lot and have to work there.



This is the heart of the computer or Laptop. Performance of a machine is greatly conditioned by the performance of the processor. More you want to run software or applications using different media more powerful you will need a powerful processor (frequency> 2.4Ghz). In contrast, for office use or Internet, you can afford to choose a mid-range processor (frequency = 2 GHz). They are indeed powerful enough fluid for use of the computer.


Also known as Read Access Memory, memory that temporarily stores data during processing by the processor. More RAM capacity is more important for the processor to have faster access to data to be processed. 2 GB of RAM seems to be a great day minimum. Microsoft even recommends 2GB for Windows 7 to use effectively. Most laptops have now come with 3-4 GB of RAM. For mini laptops can be just 1 GB because applications will not use too greedy.


Laptops hard drives are now showing a very honorable up to 500GB capacity. This is important and should be well determined the space you need before buying. Size is not everything and must take into account the speed of access to stored data. Hard drive running at 7200 rev / min will be more efficient than 5400 rev / min. Computers now days offer a flash memory or SDRAM. Unlike the hard disk, this storage method does not implement any mechanical element and is therefore less fragile. However, it is more expensive, does not yet offer a lot of space (up to approximately 16-32 GB) and have a limited life.

Graphics Card

This is a key element if you play video games or 3D animation guzzling matter. Do not hesitate to take a good graphics card as they become obsolete relatively quickly. It is therefore recommended that a card with 512 MB ​​dedicated video RAM, combined with a sufficiently powerful graphics processor is at least required. Now-days all laptops offer entry-level graphics chipset just (a chip integrated into the motherboard), enough for the office and Internet.



There are laptops with screens ranging from 7 to 20 inches. The size of the screen depends on the use you want to make your machine. A large screen will be viewed pleasantly movies, work or play comfortably. However, the size will be larger and hence the weight. Instead, a smaller screen from 12” or less can make the machine handy to carry.


It is 2 to 8 hours in office use. This is a key point in choosing a laptop. There are now low-power processors that allow machines to operate much longer in total autonomy. Look carefully at the data constructors (knowing that they are often a bit optimistic).  Battery backup is the most important factor you must take care of.

Noise and heat

We often forget these parameters when choosing a laptop. Yet in practice, they often reveal predominant in terms of usability. Hot computers and for that they are broken. Ventilation can sometimes be very noisy. Well, it happens that some machines run hotter than others. Check these settings before buying is often difficult, especially if you order online. It can be said that the higher the range unless these problems are important.


Depending on your level of computer experience, it may be interesting or not to sign a contract including a warranty repair on site, telephone assistance or in a showroom. But it is necessary to keep in mind what warranty they are giving on your buying item.


Of course, one would like to do with your laptop the same thing with his desktop: just replace the old components with more efficient. It is easy to add memory, it will not always be easy to change the hard drive, some laptops will only change the processor, let alone have a replaceable graphics card, so we must choose from the purchase …
Know that there are specialty stores that you change the processor or graphics card if possible.


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