How to clean your Facebook profile and make it presentable

Facewash is a new Web application specially designed to protect the privacy ofclean your facebook profile Facebook users by eradicating articles and photos that could harm their reputation.

Once connected to a Facebook account, Facewash the site scans not only the news feeds but also status, photos and links that refer to the profile in question to identify the elements that could tarnish your image.

To do this, Facewash based on a set of predefined keywords, relating to abuse, violence or sex.

In addition, a search field, you can enter more specific requests.

Then free the user whether to delete items that are presented.

The goal of the developers is to propose Facewash users to “clean up” their profile and image on Faceboook to give them a more professional visibility and less controversial.

To your success:
Yogesh Vashist

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