How to drive more traffic to my website

The top 2 SEO related avenues of driving traffic to your website include making drive more traffic to my websitefull use of the internet and all the facilities it offers you.

Online Marketplaces

There are other commonly searched websites that can be categorised as “online market places”, these online market places are where people looking to buy go, and people looking to sell make their presence known by advertising or taking a membership and selling their products or services through these online marketplaces. How this works is simple, when you place the product or service that you wish to promote on the internet; you need to do it in the correct place.

Of late, online market places have become one of the best ways to do business on line, with people proactively flocking to these websites looking for great deals in products and services. So this is a definite “yes” when it comes to promoting your website.

Online market places are easy to identify because they advertise a lot, a common example of such a marketplace website is “e-bay” which is quite popular. Similarly, there are hundreds of similar sites out there, the more you make your presence known on these websites the more business you can do, as well as drive additional customers to your original website.


How blogging works is simple. Let’s use Google as an example; Google is currently the world most popular search engine. How Google works is as follows, Google has robots or spiders that scan the internet looking for new information related to websites or new websites, which it then lists in its search engine directories. If you have 1 website and that website consists of 20 pages, assuming you have 20 pages of text related to your business or services mentioned on your website. Google will analyse this text and provide your website with a listing in its directory depending on the amount of information and the uniqueness of the information, the more unique the information the better your website will perform. However when it comes to a website that has 20 times the information your website has, Google will opt to place that website much higher on their listings than another website with less information.

There are websites that are somewhat like databases of knowledge posted by different firms that offer you the facility of posting information on their sites, which are linked back to your website. When you have 20 pages of content about your services or products on your website and another 150 pages of information on various different sites about your product or service, all linking back to your original website, what will happen is this; whenever anyone types in any search query related to a product or service you provide and any one of those articles on a number of different sites matches the search criteria Google will pull it up. When Google does this the potential customer gets to know about you and your product and services without your website having been pulled up.

The aim of blogging websites is to redirect traffic to your original website. So simply put, the more articles you have related to your product or service the better your chances of getting business, and the larger your internet presence.

Blogging doesn’t have to be directly related to your product or service; it can be even remotely associated with the service you provide as long as it has the ability to redirect traffic back to your website.

If you haven’t utilised these two options discussed here, you should; these are “must dos” to drive maximum traffic to your website.

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