How to Earn Well From Your Blog Ads

You can go online and read hundreds of articles on how to earn lots of money earn from your blogwith affiliate advertisements. Many of them will not tell you that the biggest key to success is simply getting a high amount of traffic. If you have more traffic then there is more chance you will get clicks and earn good money. Therefore, your first port of call should be articles and books on how to get more traffic. Once you have a reasonably large following, you should take onboard some of the many tips on this article if you want to push up your earnings with affiliate advertisements (blog ads).

Pick an affiliate advertiser that specializes in products relating to your blog niche

There are many networks and many people on them. You should pick a retailer who sells things that are related to your blogs niche, because your viewers will already be those affiliate advertisements’ target audience.

Choose the affiliate that offers the best rates per click

This is a fairly obvious way of making more money from your affiliate ads. The only problem is that the better paying advertisers often want to be hosted on websites that have lots of traffic. You should also make sure that you follow all the rules to the letter too, as a little bit of copied content here and there can have your site black listed by the high paying advertisers.

Pick an affiliate advertiser who runs very good advertisements

This is a much overlooked idea. There are some affiliate programs where you can see what sort of advertisements are going to run on your website. It is your job to pick the affiliate networks and advertisers that run very good advertisements. If you see advertisements that almost convince you to click on them, then you will get a very good response from your viewers too.

Choose an affiliate advertiser who lets you choose the types of advertisements that run on your blog

This is a very good idea if you want to customize your website or blog so that it sells the idea of the affiliate products to your traffic. You can pick the types of ads that run, and then you can write content that is specifically suited to those ads.

Customize your blog so that your affiliate advertisements do not earn from your bloglook out of place

It is very easy to have big and ugly affiliate advertisements appear like dirty stains on your website. It is far better to customize your blogs’ layout and design so that the ads look like they should be there.

Use your website design to lead the eye to your affiliate advertisements without making your affiliate advertisements look too imposing

The advertisements should look like they belong, but if you can make it so that the user is almost forced to glance at them then it cannot hurt your potential click rate.

Avoid any dubious looking advertisements or advertisers

Even if the ones for penis extenders or diet pills have very good click rates, you should avoid them with all your might. They have a nasty way of muddying up your online reputation as people tar you with the same brush.

Make sure all of your affiliate advertisements are for legitimate companies

Do not host ads for websites of a dubious nature, or companies that are only after stealing people’s money and conning them. They pay the best rates but it is not worth losing your online reputation over.

Write reviews about the things you advertise on your blog

This is a simple way of getting people to click your advertisements. You write a good review about the product in question, the user reads it and when the user has finished, they will click on the ad to get a better look at the product.

Target the potential clickers for your affiliate ads with targeted keyword choice

If you were going to buy the products on your affiliate ads, then what sort of keywords would you type into the search engine? Those are the keywords that you should integrate into your blog posts to attract the right people.

If you are only getting a small amount of clicks then consider using an affiliate advertiser who pays for actions instead of clicks

Being paid for actions is far more profitable than being paid for clicks. Clicks are a dime a dozen (actually true in some cases), but actions are worth a lot more money. An action is usually a sale, and a seller may easily pay you from the profit within the sale. There are some higher ticket priced products that may earn you a handsome commission even if you only get two or three clicks per month.

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