How to get links to major news media sites: 3 Tips

3 Tips to get links to major news media

Either because we take care of a particular SEO strategy or because we take link buildingcare of and also edit a blog content on social networks , it is common that many times we think of the possibility that a major news media (eg, a digital newspaper of national circulation), we link.

This time, certainly not we are not going to get links from a website or blog, say that this time we will be linking from a more important place; news media. Why? Usually the first sites because we can send an email requesting a link exchange. However, the most important of course that does not work, because it’s natural that if you want to read the email in question.

So when getting links from major news media boards can be mostly the same as when we go to get links from blogs or websites minor, because we must not forget a fundamental : these links should be as natural as possible.

1. The quality of your content

A natural way to get links is natural also from the quality of the contents and texts that we post on our blog. This gives professional quality to the site, which ultimately results in no increased only readers but also websites that can link up.

2. Post new content, original

Not just enough to publish quality content. It is also critical-if not essential-write new content, but in turn they are original.

For example, we may choose to publish product tops or advice, international news media curious not provided for by other Spanish media … As we see, originality is key.

3. Keep your blog updated

It is essential for positioning, but also to get links regularly since several articles to publish daily blog get moving and keep it updated.

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