How to get the Best Freeware | 3 Sources to get Free Softwares

As apparent by the term “Freeware”, free softwares doesn’t require any payment for its usage. You should know though that free doesn’t usually mean free for life. It indicates that you’re using a trial version to evaluate a product of be enticed into buying a low cost software program. So what are the best sources from which to download freeware collections?

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SourceForge is a web-based open source code marketplace for software developers. It acts as a centralized place from which to control and manage free and open source software development. Software developers can access hosing tools to host their open source software. It’s a convenient market place for open source freeware users who can easily search for them on the website.


At the left-hand side, you will find the categories of software such as Audio/Video, Business, Communications, Games, Graphics etc. At the right hand side, there is a small list of Stadd Pics software which helps you choose from some of best apps. Its advanced search option offers five interesting options that help users find the perfect freeware for their PCs. The Translation option allows users to pick out the software in that specific language. Choose from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian, Chinese and Danish.

Another option lets you choose a software with a particular licence. And then there’s the option to choose an application which is based on a particular programming language including PHP. C++, JavaScript, Java, C, Python, Perl, ASP.NET, C#, Unix Shell, Assembly, PL/SQL, XSL, Delphi/Kylix and Visual Basic. It also provides you a status category for your category for your software with options such as Production/Stable, Mature, Beta, Planning, Pre-Alpha, Alpha and Inactive. We hope you won’t choose that last option. As SourceForge is a multi-platform marketplace, you’ll need to choose an operating system for which you are downloading those free software.


Ninite is a web service that allows users to automatically install more than one niniteapplication at a time for their operating systems. You make a selection from a list of applications and it automatically bundles the selection into a single installer package. You can be certain you’ll always have the updated versions of those apps. After installation, you just have to run the Ninite installer once to get any updates or later version of the software. The best part is that it works without any account and sign-up process. Ninite is currently compatible with Windows and Linux only.


FileHippo is another web-based software downloads marketplace that offers filehippofreeware, shareware and open source software programs for the Windows operating system. At the homepage of FileHippo you’ll notice various categories of software such Audio / Video, Security, Messaging, System tuning etc.. Here you’ll get the latest, updated versions of the best software from around the world. FileHippo never provides low quality or low security softwares, so we’ll definitely recommend it. Note though that FileHippo doesn’t allow you to upload or host your programs or software on their server. It supports strong filtering which allows you to get software only from a specific category. Its download manager provides full support on stopping and resuming of downloads. It also provides its own utility tools known as Update Checker which scans your PC for old version software and automatically updates them to the newest version. At the bottom of the website, you will find an RSS feed for updates, categories and some individual programs.

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