How to improve your poker skills through technology

Online poker has evolved from a simple recreational hobby and is now seen as a serious competitive sport and a viable career choice. With over 50 million registered members on the world’s largest online poker site, there is some stiff competition out there on the virtual felt. Therefore, if you want to boost your bankroll, you will have to take your poker education seriously.


Luckily, there are many different resources, both online and offline, which can offer you valuable advice and guidance. Here are just a few ways you can use technology in order to improve your performance.

Read up on the rules and rankings online

There is a wide variety of websites online where you can quickly and easily read up on the basics of poker. Sites such as provide readers with information on the rules of various poker games, along with the hand rankings and different ways to play.

Familiarising yourself with this information is extremely important and should be the first step on any self-respecting players education. Once you are confident that you know the basics, then you can move on to perfecting your strategy.

Watch televised events to pick up tips

The fastest way to improve as a poker player is by watching how different players perform. There is a great selection of televised poker events, where you can see the pros in action and understand how they adopt certain strategies and the results they achieve.

There are also instructional videos available online, on various poker and video websites. These will give you a little more time and more in-depth explanations of everything from the most basic to highly advanced techniques.

Receive feedback from poker apps

Receiving information and statistical feedback on your poker performance is the easiest way of knowing where you need to improve. There is an array of different poker titles available to suit every player’s needs.

Some of the best apps to download to your smartphone include Insta Poker, which analyses the quality of your decision-making in Texas Hold’em before providing your with instant feedback. Poker Analyzer is also a fantastic app with many different insightful features, such as a performance tracker and your average hourly profit.

Head to the play-money tables to test yourself

Of course, the final step on your online poker journey should be hitting the cash tables, managing your bankroll and playing for real against competitors. However, you can put everything you have learned into practice, without risking any monetary damage, by starting out on the play-money games.

Available both online and on mobile, these play-money tables will allow you to build your confidence and recognise your strengths and weaknesses before putting your money where your mouth is. Free roll games even mean you can potentially win cash and prizes for free, before graduating to low stake and eventually high stake tables.

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