How to move your Photos from Flickr or Picasa to Facebook

Are you using Flickr  or Picasa for keeping your photos on Internet and want to move your photos to Facebook? Ok now tell me how you are going to do this?

Are you thinking to download all photos and then to upload them to Facebook?


Are you thinking to install a third party application to migrate your photos to Facebook?

If you are planning doing so by these methods then wait a moment and listen what I am going to tell you. Unify Photos an online free web service offers you to transfer photos from Flickr or Picasa to Facebook in three easy steps at free of cost and with minimum time.

Open UnifyPhotos and after that follow the instructions. Here are three steps with screenshots for your convenience:

1. Sign into Facebook



2. Sign into Flicker / Picasa

3. Select your albums you want to migrate and go forward. 

Hurrah!! Your photos are transferred.

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