How to protect folder with a password without external software

Protect Folder with Password in Windows XP without using External Software:

Do you want to protect your folders with a password in Windows XP without using any protect folderexternal software? Then you have to follow a few steps and you will be done.

1. Select the folder you wish to protect.

2. Press Right click of your mouse button on that particular folder you want to protect and click on Properties.

3. Click on the Sharing Tab.

4. Check the box “Make this folder private” under “Local sharing and security” box.

5. Click Apply button and then OK button.

Now you have safely protected your folder. Your default password will be your login password for the particular user.

If “Make this folder private” is gray and you are unable to select that option then check the followings:

  1. Hard drive on your PC must be formatted using NTFS file system instead of FAT file system.
  2. The folder you wish to protect must be in individuals user account. Suppose a user Rock wants to protect a folder then that folder must be under C:Documents and settingsRock

Folder outside of this folder or in any other Drive also cannot be made private.

If you want to protect folders outside of this then follow the following steps:

  1. Compress the folder using compressing utility like Win Rar or Win Zip etc.
  2. Create a password for the compressed file.

You are done now. Each time you have to uncompress the file to make any change.

Precautions: Please backup all files and folders before making it private or password protected to avoid the hassles if you forget the password.

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