How to recover the QWERTY keyboard SwiftKey on Android 4.2

At this point, we can say that a privileged few have had the opportunity toQWERTY keyboard SwiftKey on Android 4.2 upgrade their handsets to Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) , the new version of mobile operating system Google. The series had installed the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 that occurred recently, but the owners have received all Google devices that are ready to support it. Without going any further, a few days ago I talked about the arrival of the data packet to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus . A few hours after being announced, some users – residents in Spain – and we communicated that had been installed on their handsets. Faster impossible. It must be said, however, that some owners have already expressed some complaints regarding the operation of the keyboard QWERTY their devices, following the upgrade to Android 4.2. Today we have more information on this issue and some clues about the possible solution to the problem.

You may have been able to notice any problems if you update a Nexus deviceQWERTY keyboard SwiftKey on Android 4.2 to Android 4.2 , having installed the application to third SwiftKey. Some users have complained that their keyboard QWERTY was completely disabled, others indicate that simply disappeared, along with some data stored. If we were talking about a strange application and use minority , had not organized such a stir, but the fact is that SwiftKey is one of the most downloaded applications of Play Store from Google . For this reason, it is especially important to consider what kind of solutions can ensure the smooth operation of the keyboard.Concerned about the discontent that can generate this situation users, the team SoftKey – owner of the application in question – is already working side by side with Google to find the possible cause of this incident.

Anyway, while not giving the solution to the problem, the company proposes a solution that would be viable principles. If the QWERTY keyboard SwiftKey is missing your Nexus phone , you can simply sign in to the app store where you purchased it to download it again. If you are already signed up for the service and sign in with the same user that made the purchase, you should have no problem , since the download will not be charged again. Yes, you can download the program and install it again without any additional cost. Of course. After downloading the software, you can simply tap on the icon SwiftKey 3 – located in the download folder of your phone – to start the installation. Following these steps scrupulously, the QWERTY keyboard should be activated again on any device that works with Android 4.2 .

SwiftKey keyboard is one of the most appreciated by users who want to type with ease through your smartphone. The tool is now in version 3 and incorporates key improvements like a new system of punctuation and spaces, new songs and even support for 42 languages.

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