How to rent, buy cars from Hertz using mobile application

If you’re sometimes looking for a larger car to take the family out on day trips, or perhaps you like cycling or playing extreme sports, it can sometimes be hard to find a cheap and convenient method to finding a car. Car rental with Hertz UK can be a cost effective alternative to owning and running a large car and with the development of a new service app, it’s also a quick and easy method.

Hertz iPhone App

The Hertz Car Company has recently launched a new app designed to give customers access to their services 24/7, direct from their mobile or tablet devices. The app is suitably named ‘24/7 On Demand’ and is an extension of the Hertz 24/7 Service. It allows the customer to pick the type of car that they are looking for, which means that you can get one big enough to suit all your needs. They also offer a service where you can rent a car by the daily or hourly rate, and it is certainly a much quicker service to use than the standard methods of processing a booking. A number of service based businesses have recently developed an app service, offering their customers an alternative method of booking with them. The website has a whole range of apps and reviews available to discover.

This app proves especially useful and time saving if you find that you often need to process a last minute rental at odd times of the day or night. The greatest benefits are that you don’t need to pick up the phone to talk to someone to get the service you need and you don’t need to go to the computer to access the full website. You can access the service direct from the palm of your hand and complete the booking in only a number of clicks.

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