How to Synchronize music to your iPhone, iPod or iPad without iTunes

9 iTunes alternatives:

Are you using Apple products and thinking to synchronize or transfer music files or videos file without using iTunes? iTunes is the default way of synchronizing music to Apple products i.e iPod, iPad and iPhones but iTunes supports Windows and Mac only. So Linux users who use Apple products have to search another way for transferring music.

If you are also Linux user and also using Apple iPhone or iPod or iPad and reading this post then do not worry because I am here with a few alternatives for iTunes. So find software as per your requirement and enjoy synchronizing music.

1. Media Monkey

2. Gtk Pod (For Linux users)

3. Froddle Pod

4. PWN Player

5. CopyTrans Manager

6. SharePod

7. eph Pod

8. Winamp and the ml_iPod Plugin

9. Floola


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