How to target more users using Twitter

Twitter offers advertisers to target more users for their advertisements on a basis of a classification of users according to their interests. If you are an advertiser, you can have better Marketing campaigns and can reach a wider audience.

What is the Basic Idea:target more users

There is not on the API that Twitter is currently active. The online service, such as Facebook, in fact seeks also to increase the monetization of its audience. To do this, Twitter announced a new offering intended for advertising. Nothing revolutionary nonetheless. The idea is simple: Twitter will offer advertisers target advertisements based on their visitors or users interests.

A graphical user interests established by Tweeter 

Until now, advertisers could only disseminate sponsored tweets in the son of their followers – and users identified as similar. With this new focus, Twitter offers its customers to reach a wider audience.

The latter, to disseminate their tweets advertising can choose between 350 interests. Tweeter class on his side service users by interest groups through its “interest graph”, a ranking owner made on the basis of links and relations of users.

Another opportunity for advertisers: Target their messages from usernames. Sponsored tweets will be distributed to all users with the same interests as the followers of these users previously identified.

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