How To Use A Spy Camera Pen

Do you have a secret yearning to go undercover? Have those childhood dreams of being a spy resurfaced now that you are an adult? spy camera penMaybe you just can’t resist the chance to secretly record your interactions with friends and family. In the past this technology was expensive and mostly out of reach for the average individual. However, technology has changed a lot over the last few years and those awesome spy gadgets are now available to just about anyone who’s interested.

In all seriousness, if you need to record an interchange between yourself and another party, or if you have any reason to feel that your safety can be increased through a video recording, then a spy camera pen may be the solution. In order for that hidden camera to be effective, however, you need to know how to use it.

Press Record

Most hidden camera pens won’t have a power button. Visual buttons tend to give the pen away as a camera. Instead, you’ll usually find one small button or switch which will be used to start and stop the recording.

Position the Camera for the Best Coverage

Tiny cameras generally obtain grainy or distorted images. This lack of clarity can be compensated for to some degree by capturing your video from the best possible vantage. It might not be a good idea to hold the pen directly in front of you; that might be suspicious, but tucking your pen inside your coat pocket isn’t going to help you either. The best place to carry the hidden camera will be in one of your shirt pockets, facing away from you. If you don’t intend to wear the pen, then sticking it in your pencil can or positioning it facing up on your desk may also give you the vantage point that you need.

Plan Your Timing Carefully

Once you have hit the record button, you’ll probably only have about an hours’ worth of video time. Don’t waste your recording time on idle chitchat; try to get to the point in order to get the footage and information that you need. Some camera pens will allow you longer recording times, but the batteries on these little cameras aren’t made for extended use.

Recovering Your Footage

After you have completed your recording, you’ll want to view the video or still shots that you took. Many camera pens have USB connectors allowing you to connect to your favorite PC and download the images and videos that you’ve taken. Armed with this information, you can prove to your boss that your coworker has been stealing your ideas or belongings. Perhaps you have the proof that you need during divorce proceedings. Maybe you needed something as simple as warning your friend about her two-timing boyfriend. If your security is at risk, share the recorded footage with the appropriate officials.

A Few Things Not to Do…

  • Don’t leave your pen camera running all day. You’ll quickly run out of battery and recording space.
  • Don’t lend your pen to your coworkers. These pens do write, but treat it as an investment and keep it safe.

Don’t fiddle with the pen while you are recording. The images will be distorted already. If you are moving the pen about or sticking your fingers on it, then you might not get any usable footage at all.

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