How to use BlackBerry Messenger?

BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messenger application that is designed especially for BlackBerry users. BlackBerry Messenger has become one of the largest communities for mobile messages in the smart phone industry with over 50 million user base. Each month, there are over 2 million new blackberry messengersubscribers of BBM. BBM is also one of the most active apps in mobile use with almost 70% of its users who use it every day. Each month, there are also over 100 billion BlackBerry Messenger messages that are being sent without worrying about linking it with high speed internet. In fact, it does not need to have one to be able to avail of such messenger messages.

While using BBM, you don’t get that per message charge that you pay for your SMS. The messages are sent like emails through RIM servers.

Features of BBM

Aside from, being able to send instant messages in BBM< it also has new features such as:

  • Socialize over apps

What you do in your BlackBerry smart phone can already be shared with your BBM friends. You can chat, share apps you enjoy and activities using your BlackBerry messenger. This is made possible even without any internet providers.

  • Share your Music

BlackBerry Messenger also allows you to share the music in your Smartphone to your friends in BBM.

How to Get BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger is usually preinstalled in most of BlackBerry smart phones. But if you don’t have in your device, you can get it from Connect your device to your computer; install it in your phone using your Desktop Manager.

How to Add Contacts or Friends to BBM

Adding contacts to your BBM makes it easier for you to send instant messages to your BBM friends. You can use the PIN method by entering the 8 digit code that is assigned to each BB device. Go to the Options in your device, Chose Status and view your PIN. You can share it to other BBM users so they can add you or you also add the PIN of your friends. You can also use the email of people using BBM.

Here are the steps to add a contact

  1. Go to the drop down menu in your Blackberry device.
  2. Choose Add a contact.
  3. Choose Request by Pin or Request by email.
  4. Enter the email or the PIN of the person you want to add.
  5. Once you have added them, your request will be added to the pending group until the person accepts your request.

Creating Groups

You can also create your own groups using your contacts. Creating a group makes it easier for you to send instant messages to your own group. Do this through the following steps:

  1. Open the BBM app.
  2. Click the Trackball.
  3. Select Add Group.
  4. Enter the name of your new group.
  5. Highlight the contact name of the person you want to add in your group.
  6. Click the trackball and select move.
  7. Select the group you want that person to be in and press enter.
  8. You contact is now added to your group. Do the same with other contacts you want to add.

Send Messages

In order for you to send messages, do the following:

  1. Click on a contact name and click on the Start Conversation item.
  2. Start typing your message.
  3. Press enter to send the message.
  4. Click the trackball and choose end Conversation to finish chatting.

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