How to View a presentation without Microsoft PowerPoint

A PowerPoint presentation plays an important role in every business organization as it does in every other area of this fast-paced corporate world. In a tussled environment, not every viewer has PowerPoint installed on their computer, rendering the presentation incompatible. In this case, the viewer can still view the presentation that has been tailor-created for him. Therefore it becomes quite important to know how a person can view a PowerPoint presentation without even having an access to Microsoft PowerPoint.


PowerPoint Viewer

PowerPoint viewer is a free application that solves the compatibility issue with its ability to enable the user to view PowerPoint presentations without having Microsoft PowerPoint installed in the computer. It is an app that can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website. The best part about PowerPoint viewer is that it’s completely free and doesn’t have any hidden service charges.

The gravity of this application can be judged by the fact that most of the users that view Powerpoint presentations do not have PowerPoint installed on their systems. Since, Office productivity suite has a whopping high price tag, most proportion of Windows users, tend to not have Office or PowerPoint installed.

Instead of looking out for an alternative, you can simply download PowerPoint viewer, and render presentations to be viewed on your PC.

The only issue with PowerPoint viewer is that it only enables the user to view the presentation but he wouldn’t be able to edit or make changes to the presentation upon his intent.


Almost every MAC user has Keynote installed. Keynote is a part of Apple’s Productivity suite. Keynote has an innate ability to view PowerPoint presentations. Viewing PPT files is compatible, but editing isn’t possible.


SlideOnline is a free presentation sharing and curation providing web application. All you need to do is, upload your presentation file and input a few basic details and you can instantly convert it into a web format.

It basically renders the presentation in HTML5 format, enabling Smartphone users, to directly view the presentation on their mobile phones and accessible to any user, who has access to the internet.

It offers several additional benefits like social media sharing, curation enabling a great deal of exposure for your presentation.

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