How Windows 8 Rewrites the Rules of PC Gaming

PC gaming is a platform that dramatically changes on a regular basis, but none of the other changes that PC gaming has undergone can compare to what Windows 8 has changed. Game developers are using inspiration from smartphones and integrating their ideas into intriguing games. The invention of modern technological devices such as the tablet and smartphone, game developers are changing the way that game development occurs. The changes Microsoft has made to PC gaming with Windows 8 breaks down many of the previous barriers and boundaries that PC gamers faced.  All PC gaming genres have been changed forever and many users feel that this is a good thing.
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New Developments from Microsoft Revitalizing the World of Gaming

Microsoft has been pushing game developers to incorporate the features of iPad and Android tablet games into the PC gaming genre. The gaming controls for PC games have dramatically been changed. Players are no longer limited to their mouse and keyboard. Old school gaming has gone out the window. Games are currently being designed to span across multiple platforms. This allows gamers to enjoy their favorite games in different gaming genres.
Other ideas that Microsoft is fiddling with is the idea of developing games that can be downloaded on the tablet and viewed on the larger screen on your television. Many tablets that are currently out are equipped with this feature. This so called second screen approach to gaming is providing players with more benefits and perks than ever.  Forza Horizon is an XBOX 360 game that allows one player to control the driving aspect of the game while the second player helps with the navigation process. This is just one example of how Windows 8 is changing the gaming scene.

Windows 8: Changing the Gaming Scene Forever

It will soon be possible to start playing one of your favorite games on your tablet and then save that game file on your XBOX 360 server. Microsoft also has a new vision for the way online gaming as well. Single player games are designed with multiplayer online platforms in mind. More players seem to be playing multiplayer online games. Microsoft is ensuring that this gaming genre does not have time to get old. They are adding new and fresh ideas every step of the way. LAN gaming requires for players to be in one play and be connected to the same server. This can add up to a whole bunch of plugs and cords. Microsoft plans to redesign LAN gaming for PC gamers.

Is This New Plan Too Good to Be True?

Microsoft’s plan to revitalize the gaming industry is not perfect. There are a few drawbacks along the way.  One of the major pitfalls associated with using tablet games on PCs is that the resolution and graphics do not look as good on a larger screen compared to a smaller tablet screen. Low polygon counts simply do not look as good on a television as they would on a tablet. That is all there is to it. Most of the games offered in the Windows store will be light fare games so this will not be an issue.

Classic games like Minesweeper are completely being redesigned. Fans of the classic gameplay will not even recognize this game once they see the newly made over version. There are levels and multiple challenges for players to overcome in the new Minesweeper. Gamers can also look forward to new desktop games from Windows 8 as well. The innovative new desktop games leave nothing to be desired as there is truly a little something for each and every gamer.

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