Improved System Restore on Windows 8

The Redmond company released the new feature of its next operating system;
Intelligent restoration. Since Windows XP, system restore system had not changed and began to slightly older, Microsoft wants to make this function more effective and user-friendly in Windows 8.

There will be two functions in Windows 8 that will offer new intelligent restoration:

<em>Windows 8</em> restoreRefresh: This new feature of Windows 8 allows you to make a copy of the hard drive so you can restore it later. For example, the first time you setup your computer, you install your favorite software and applications and configure them. Once done, it will do more to make the copy before using the PC. If a problem occurs later, you can use this function to reset the computer in saved configuration without losing your software and data. The duration of this action is about 8 minutes and 22 seconds.

Resetting: This choice is closer to a format followed by a traditional restaurant, except that, Windows does it all. It is thus possible to make the choice a quick relocation or a complete installation. The first takes only 6 minutes 12, while the second is to delete the files in depth takes 6 minutes 21 and if BitLocker protection is turned on, 23 minutes. These shares will be available from the Windows Recovery Environment, which will also create a bootable USB key if it would end up damaged in one way or another.

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