Instagram breaks with Twitter

It happens with all pages, but some, mostly media, photos, videos or popular websites enjoy a privilege in Twitter, show a small link next to the tweet that clicking displays the linked content.

Instagram was until today one of the services whose content is displayed instagram-twitterwithin messages, a privilege to gain visibility. The amazing thing is that they have been they who have decided to disappear.

Twitter explained on his blog what happened: “The users are having difficulty viewing your Instagram photos on Twitter. Among them, cut photos. This is because Instagram integration has canceled its contents in the right way. The result is that when clicked, are broken. ”

This version is much more correct than that of the founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom during Le Web conference: “I just decided that’s what makes the most sense. Which photos are directly on our site?” And he added: “Obviously, things change as the business evolves.”

Within that ‘evolution’ is a message implicit feeling that sooner or later this would happen. In its beginnings Twitter and Instagram went together. They had much in common, based in San Francisco, social accented, simple in concept and succeeding in mobile. The break has its purpose in that Instagram is not free, in April Facebook bought it for $ 765 million . Since then, the small company with only 14 employees had stopped falling so nice .

Thereafter, the photos will continue publishing simultaneously from Instagram to Facebook , FourSquare, Flickr and Twitter. Only in the latter directly and will not need to click to get to Instagram and view the content.

On the other hand, Twitter is preparing to open an office in Paris. The announcement was made by Katie Stanton, vice president responsible for international growth. France is the country where the service has grown over the past year with 150%. The social network of 140 characters and has several offices beyond San Francisco. One in New York and based in Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Brazil.

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