How to Install the XBLUE X16 in 3 Simple Steps?

Results for the 2007 Survey of Business Owners (SBO) showed that over 50 percent of respondents operate their businesses primarily from home (U.S. Census Bureau). That number has since then increased each year. In fact, according to Forbes, one in every five Americans work from home. This means that, whether we are talking about self-employed entrepreneurs or employees telecommuting, there are 30 million of us working from our houses.


With these staggering numbers chances are that you work from home at least once a week. If that’s the case, then you also know there are certain disadvantages when your home is also your office. It’s difficult to separate spaces, and it’s hard to stay productive. It becomes a challenge to make others understand when you are working and when you are not. And, of course, it’s also tricky to disconnect from work once you are done for the day; especially if your business phone is also your office phone.

An efficient and cost-effective solution to that issue is getting a business phone system for your home office. There are plenty of options in the market, that cost much less than the latest iPhone, and will help you a great deal on day-to-day operations. But which one should you buy? Well, among one of the most affordable and popular options available is the XBLUE X16.

This phone system has grown in popularity among startups and small businesses, since it provides a large set of high-end features like conferencing, caller ID, call forwarding and intercom capabilities that were only available to large businesses not so long ago. In other words, the award-winning XBLUE X16 is a reliable, cost-effective and self-installable unit. It is exclusively designed for businesses with up to 16 users.

If you already have the XBLUE X16 or you are planning to purchase it, here is a quick guide to help you install it provided by the experts at

# 1. Place the System Box Components on Your Desk

The XBLUE X16 components are: the X16 server, a modular connector box and modular telephone line connector. Plug your telephone lines into the jack of the system marked “central office ports”. You only need to plug your standard line cords. Keep in mind that only the first four line ports are equipped on the server.

If you eventually need to expand your system, you can easily add the two-phone line expansion card to add the lines five and six. The X16 server connects to standard telephone lines; in other words, you do not require an Internet connection. For your convenience, the X16 system can be placed on your desk or mounted on your office wall.

# 2. Connect the Stations to Each Port

There are four stations in the control unit labeled digital extensions. This means, you can connect up to four digital extensions to each port. If you need to connect more than four phones, you may use the modular connector box provided. Make sure your total wiring for the four stations connected to a single port does not exceed 600 feet. Note: Do not use the fifth port in the connector.

A total of four modular connector boxes may be connected to the X16 system, which will provide the total system capacity of 16 telephones. Another easy installation option is to connect up to four telephones to a single system port by running the cable from one telephone to another and plug it directly into the x16 system. This option gives you the ability to easily install the x16 system, especially at home. If you install the unit this way, you may not need the modular connector box, since all four telephones will operate on one pair of wires.

# 3. Complete the Installation of Your Phone System

Connect the power cord in the control unit. The phones will automatically initialize. You will be able to see a flashing blue light. After five seconds, it will begin blinking at the normal operational rate one impulse per second (1 IPS), which indicates your system is fully functional. You will be done with the physical installation of your XBLUE x16. Just as simple as that! This small phone system includes a self-installation guide. Keep your step-by-step installation guide in handy to have a smooth installation of your system.

Final Thoughts

Many experts consider the XBLUE X16 as the ideal phone system for small businesses because it is cheap and loaded with features. One of its greatest advantages is its self-installable option. You do not need to hire a technician to install your phone system. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned above to install the system yourself quickly and with no hassle.


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