Intel Atom Z2760 processor, thoroughly

Intel Atom Z2760 is one of the stars of this new era of tablets with Microsoft systems: HP Envy X2, Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 or Samsung ATIV Smart PC are three of the many tablets to take you and you will be presented – and released – in this month.

Intel Atom Z2760 is one of the leading processors of Intel to market with Windows 8 tablets. It will be one of the most used in the first generation of products with the Microsoft system, yielding basic but enough to move Windows 8 in its full version.

Intel Atom Z2760 processor

Intel Atom Z2760, a single x86

Intel Atom Z2760 is presented as a dual core with four threads through Hyperthreading. The technical talk of a 1.8 GHz frequency with a very interesting TDP of only 1.3 watts, a minimum figure compared to other x86 processors more conventional PC. According to Intel, the teams with their new Atom will offer a range of up to three weeks in standby or 10 hours HD video playback, along the lines of the architecture provided by other Android tablets or iOS.

The GPU integrated Atom Z2760 will be a PowerVR SGX 54, working at a frequency of 533 MHz and include a video decoder and support for 1080 p video output HDMI 1.3. The processor has been fabricated using 32 nano meters transistors and supports up to 2GB of 800MHz LPDDR2 memory, which seems to be the most common amount of memory in the first generation.

The format chosen to manufacture the Intel Atom Z2760 is the SoC (System on Chip) common in mobile devices, measuring 14 × 14 mm and certain proprietary technologies including Intel’s Platform Technology Trust charge, say to bring more security to all, and Burst Technology to add an extra processing power when the operating system deems it necessary.

Team-oriented Windows 8 × 86 basic

The new processor Intel Atom Z2760 is oriented to the use of a Windows 8 “complete”, and not the version ‘RT’ architecture initially developed for ARM .

With Windows 8 × 86 tablets we find a hardware ‘brother’ when we currently have for laptops, perhaps with minor changes to accommodate the new format you need more autonomy. This Intel Atom is the lower range of Intel x86 tablet, the input range and simpler models. For months now announcing the arrival of tablets with Intel Core i3 or i5 much more powerful, but also less weight and greater autonomy.

What are input devices does not mean that is not going to take care of the design of the device, of course, though that will depend on each end manufacturer. Intel has confirmed that there will be models with Atom Z2760 of 680 grams and a height of only 8.5 mm, very acceptable figures.

The question we have today and it will not be clear until they are released on the devices is Intel Atom Z2760 performance. On this point more later.

Two new Atom for smartphones and tablets

Intel has been very cautious and contrary to what usually happens in the market for PC processors, has just introduced two models for mobile devices: Intel Atom ‘Medfield’ Z2460 smartphone (like the Motorola RAZR i ) and Intel Atom ‘Clover Trail’ Z2670 for tablets. The main difference between them is the number of physical cores, 1 and 2 respectively, although in both cases will have Hyperthreading and therefore the number of threads that the system will be double.

Known for years that Intel looking to enter the mobile market, considering it a fundamental part of the future of this industry in the decades-long work. Unfortunately we can not confirm the actual performance of the new Atom Z2760 since their products have not yet reached the market, but according to Intel’s internal benchmarks its performance is up to 54% better than competing products and, last but not least, with considerably lower consumption. Obviously these are figures that Intel will have to be confirmed in independent tests once the products put on the market, something that we have to wait to the end of October.

Intel Atom Z2760, conclusions

From the first time we talked about the arrival of Intel hardware to the world of tablets and smartphones have spent quite a few years.

I also recognize that I have always had to Intel as a major hardware companies in the world, and in this sense he hoped that the work of many years would result in a good product. It is difficult to write the conclusions of a processor that has not even hit the market, which if known characteristics – even what we have come to play – but we do not have the exact figures of benchmarks to make a real comparative.

With Intel technical documents in hand I think Intel Atom Z2760 is a good product, may be not as drastic as it marks its own benchmarks – better performance, lower consumption – but enough to stand up to the alternatives ARM.

We’re talking about an entirely new platform: Windows 8 is released in the market and makes computers simultaneously in ‘classical’ and also in new media such as tablets, incorporating a new harwdare. Precisely the new version of Microsoft operating system will be vital for Intel Atom Z2760 succeed or not, for software and hardware go hand in hand and both are essential. If Intel has done a good job with the Z2760 and Microsoft has managed to optimize your system, go in the right direction.

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