iOS 6: Apple launches the User Guide for iPhone and iPad

iOS 6 is available for a week already and apple has now launched its user guide for iOS 6.

iOS 6 is a new operating system for mobile devices from Apple . It usually appleaccompanies the release of the new iPhone but also works perfectly on the iPod Touch and iPad.

This version of iOS 6 includes over 200 new features, but the most notable is new GPS mapping system plans (despite some big bugs) and a very significant evolution of the voice assistant Siri.

To understand this new iOS 6 (for those who do not know), Apple has made available free manual in PDF format. It should be noted that this is available free on the iBookStore.

– To download the user guide in English iOS 6 from the Apple iBookStore: click here.

Note that you can read PDF documents on your iPhone or iPad using the free application for iPhone and iPad Adobe Reader. To download the free iPhone & iPad Adobe Reader on the Apple App Store: click here.

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